An epitome of elegance, class & style in the hub of bustling Gurgaon

Have you ever nursed a desire of sipping an aromatic cup of coffee in a lavish balcony in the backdrop of a lofty mountain range which oozes natural beauty and serenity? Well, if you did then you will be rejoiced to explore this brilliant real estate venture known as the Central park 3 The Room which is located in Sector 33 in the midst of Sohna district. This place is at a stone’s throw distance from Gurgaon. The robust connectivity with Gurgaon makes this location a premier one, as access to all the vital amenities and a chic urban lifestyle is the utmost benefit that one can enjoy.

Central Park 3 is a chic residential project which is engulfed in the essence of luxury and comfort. The Room is the Studio Apartment section of this lofty residential project. So if you are looking forward to having an independent abode for yourself which can serve as the ideal bachelor or bachelorette launchpad then the 1 BHK studio apartment is an ideal choice for you. Alternatively, if you are a nuclear family then the 2 BHK studio apartment will definitely be a close match to the definition of a dream house that you might nurse deep within inside you.

Central Park 3 The Room is an ideal haven for dwellers who would want to lead a life which is laced with tranquility as well as luxury. The amenities that are available in this residential premise are not available to you as a matter of serendipity but are brought to you with an aim of delivering the best to you which is what you deserve. Yes, you got it right- every focused and hardworking individual deserves to live a life which is an amalgamation of comfort, happiness, tranquility and excitement and The Room in Central Park 3 is the ideal choice for that.

The Room studio apartments are available at affordable price range of 49. Lakhs INR for 1 BHK and 69.50 Lakhs for 2 BHK. The world class amenities that form the crux of the project encompasses a contemporary and advanced clubhouse, a state of the art gymnasium, a stunning swimming pool, an invigorating rooftop lounge, superb recreational hubs like basketball courts, tennis courts etc.

The Central Park 3 has earned a battery of accolades for itself from its residents because it ushers in an intriguing ambiance to reside in which is infused with tranquility and makes you feel one with nature as it is in the proximity of the Aravalli range of mountains. The foothills of this massive mountain range is where this dwelling is sheltered. You can be rest assured that a picturesque locale is always accessible to you, thereby, ensuring that you lead the rest of your life in the lap of nature.