Places for Authentic Bangalore Food

Bangalore being the most prominent and the central city of Karnataka will never disappoint you with the choices for an authentic Kannada cuisine. There are many eateries coming up daily in this metropolitan cities which are dedicated to serve almost all kinds of food that our tongue craves for but still the number of authentic kannada food joints is less.

The people coming from outside to enjoy authentic meals in this city needs to visit several miles. At some places that the food in the name of authenticity is over exaggerated but at some places you can definitely get a proper Kannada food in Bangalore. The properties for sale in Bangalore are located near to these joints. Here is the list of some of the food joints that serve the authentic Karnataka cuisine in Bangalore

Shree Venkateshwara North Karnataka Hotel


If you regularly wants to enjoy the authentic food in Bangalore specially from the north Karnataka then this place can very well serve the purpose and will not be very heavy on your pockets. People come here on a regular basis sometimes to enjoy the snacks and at other times for the yummy food they serve. It is located in 4th block in Jayanagar.  

Naati Manae

If you are a hard core non vegetarian, then this is just the right place where you can enjoy the traditional kannada dishes. But if you are coming here to grab some food that is not authentic than you might get disappointed. The place definitely leaves a strong taste in the lives of people visiting here. It is located in 5th block of Koramangala.

Halli Mane

One of those places in Bangalore that likes to serve the best to all the visitors who visits them with intent to enjoy some great authentic kannada cuisine. The authenticity of food is further embraced by serving it traditionally on a banana leaf. The organic food festival conducted by them occasionally is one thing not to be missed at all. It is located in Sampige road in Malleswaram.  

Sea Spice

If you want to take with you some good dining experience along with the home style mangalorean food, then come and explore this place in 2nd stage, Banashankari. The taste of the proper homely cooked food will stay in your mouth for not just a day or two but definitely more than that. It is located in 2nd stage, Banashankari where apart from this awesome eatery, you can find some great apartments for sale in Bangalore too.

Hotel Nalapaka


This is one such restaurant that has gain quite a name and fame by serving some yummy delicious south Indian kannada style dishes. The other attraction of this place is that you need not worry while eating as it will not fall too heavy on your pockets. Not just the curries that we order here but even the complimentary chutneys will fill our mouth with the delicacies of authentic kannada food.  It is located in first block of Rajajinagar.  


Some Magnificent Architectures in bangalore

There are many architectural buildings that has great architecture worth checking out. It is one city which is certainly one of the best Indian cities which is drastically changing and constantly growing in terms of the development may it be in the infrastructure, IT or ITes, commercial market and almost everything.

There are many properties for sale in Bangalore emerging with the great architectural designs and superb interiors and exteriors. Here is the list of some magnificent buildings of Bangalore

Bangalore Palace


Visiting upto the great architecture like Windsor Castle in England is not everyone’s cup of tea but if you want to check out the similar architecture in India then you must see Bangalore Palace that looks quite similar to windsor castle. The historical palace is there since the time of Tipu Sultan.

Vidhana Soudha


One of the most iconic building in Bangalore Vidhana Soudha was built in 1950’s. It is one of the oldest buildings in Bangalore which depicts the architectural beauty of Neo-Dravidian times. The democracy and the unique architecture is very well flaunted through this and is still one of the benchmark building of Bangalore.

Attara Kacheri

The High court in Karnataka is popularly known as Attara Kacheri. It is the exact opposite building to Vidhana Soudha and is built in the 19th century. It took almost four year to complete this architectural magnificence. The Attara Kacheri in the local language means “ 18 offices”

UB City

Bangalore is the combination of history and modernity. There are buildings in Bangalore with great architectures from the past and also there are malls totally westernised to depict the modern culture. Not just the building but the area surrounding UB city is definitely a treat to eyes and is an example of the progressive India over the years.

Dharmaraya Swamy Temple


The architecture of the temple is very much similar to the representations of Pallavas and Gangas. The only temple dedicated to Pandavas is 88 years old but is renovated in 2009 to maintain the same old charm.

Sheshadri Iyer Memorial Hall


The memorial hall which is build in the memory of Diwan of Mysore houses one of the biggest libraries in India. The hall is located in Cubbon park and many people are visiting it on a daily basis to enjoy reading from a collection of over 2.65 lakh books.

Glass House Lalbagh


The flower show hosted by Lalbagh community is very popular not only in Bangalore but all over India. The Glass botanical garden is popularly known as Lalbagh among the residents of Bangalore.

Definitely Bangalore is not just limited to above mentioned architectures but there is more to it. Still many more buildings and apartments for sale in Bangalore are heading up with great interiors, exteriors and beautiful architectures.

Resorts for Team outing in Bangalore

Taking a day off from a hectic work schedule is always a good idea. It refreshes and presents new zeal among team members to work hard and with full dedication. It is always very important for any organization that its team members know each other among employees doesn’t hinder in the growth of the company.

There are many companies emerging up with new ideas of team building such as team lunches, birthday parties, playing music for 10 minutes or dancing on the floor after entering the premises, but still the best bet for everyone is the team outing where they can spend a day enjoying with their team mates, get to play some sports and dance on the tunes or just chit chat with them round the corner.

There are number of companies in Bangalore that looks for some cool resorts to take their hard working teams for some fun sessions. Some properties for sale in Bangalore are also available near to these resorts.  Here is a list of some of those resorts that can be very well considered for a team outing in Bangalore.

Discovery Village Resort


Nandi Hills is one such place near Bangalore that no Bangalorean would like to miss. The cool breeze and the hilly ambience of Nandi hills is just perfect to relax any soul. This resort is located in the foothills of these hills so that one can enjoy nature at its best along with some other fun activities as well such as Zorbing, exploring cave, tent stay, amphitheater, Mind field. Acid bridge etc. The resort is just 55 kms from Bangalore.

WindFlower, Prakruti


This resort is located in the outskirts of Bangalore at Devanahalli Taluk which is just 25Kms from the mainstream city of Bangalore. There are many sports activities that you can carry out here apart from just chilling and relaxing. Some of the attractions of this resort are swimming pool, football, cricket, carom and chess.  Paintball, BMX challenge, Zorbing etc are some other activities that will keep you engaged here. You can enjoy all this at just a price of Rs 1300 over here.  

Mango Mist Resort


Just 12 Kms from electronic city in Bangalore, this beautiful resort is situated amidst the mango orchards. The cottages here in this resort are named after the popular species of Mangoes. The resort comprises of all such things that can bound any person or team with the sports activities, BBQ bar, dancefloor, fishing, boating, paintball and other such attractions. There are apartments for sale in Bangalore in electronic city that you can check out to enjoy the hospitality of this beautiful resort at least once in a month.

Jade Coconut Grove


If you want to spend a day in luxury along with the full day entertainment with your friends and colleagues then Jade coconut grove is a perfect destination for you. The resort can offer you with a nice long drive too as it’s located 90Kms from the city center. The architectural beauty is what will amaze you here along with the beautiful ambiance that you can capture in your eyes over here.   

Things Worth Knowing About Bangalore

It’s safe to say that you are moving to Bangalore and pondering what merits thinking about Bangalore before moving? Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city where you can modify effortlessly. There is not really anything particular that you need to think about Bangalore, yet at the same time here are a couple of things worth knowing before moving to Bangalore.  There are properties for sale in Bangalore that you must check before moving to this tech city.

Thing worth knowing before Moving to Bangalore

Vocation and opening for work: Bangalore which is otherwise called the Silicon Valley of India is an extraordinary place to be on the off chance that you are searching for employments openings particularly in the field of IT and ITES. The city is additionally the most occurrence place for new companies and in the event that you that as a top priority, Bangalore is the place to be in. apartments for sale in Bangalore are perfect to occupy if you are relocating here.

More secure for ladies: When it comes to wellbeing, particularly ‘ladies wellbeing’, then Bangalore is considered as one of the most secure city in India. You can see ladies hanging out effectively following nine o’clock around evening time, and they can undoubtedly load up any open transport with no dread. Truth be told there are taxis and transport administrations worked by ladies.

Great transport benefit: Transport framework in Bangalore is really great, particularly the transport administrations. There is a transport benefit known as BMTC, which bears forty-three lakh individuals every day. Aside from the ordinary transports, there are Volvo transports. Aside from Bus, you can without much of a stretch discover taxicab and Auto rickshaw, till 10 or 11 pm.

Best neighborhoods: If you are stressed over how the local locations of Bangalore would be, then don’t stress. When we have as of now enlightened you regarding how ladies can wander securely in Bangalore, then the local locations would remain safe. On the off chance that you need to remain in the best private areas in Bangalore, then nothing can be superior to Hebbal, Maleshwaram, Indira Nagar, Koramangala, Jayanagar, Ulsoor, and Whitefield. Clearly there are numerous all the more great local locations as well, however the previously mentioned ones are the best.

Accessibility of PG: You can without much of a stretch discover PG in Bangalore so in the event that you panning to remain isolated subsequent to moving to Bangalore, you can search for a PG convenience. Generally a 1BHK in great neighborhood could cost you around 6-8K, however PGs are normally less expensive and bode well on the off chance that you are isolated.

Rental advances: If you are moving to Bangalore and wanting to lease a house, then this might be a vital thing to know. Typically landowner requests loads of propel store. Truth be told a portion of the landowners expect propel rental of 9 or 10 months for legitimately outfitted pads. So prepare to pay an immense store on the off chance that you plan to lease a house in the wake of moving to Bangalore.

Marvelous atmosphere: Bangalore has an exceptionally one of a kind and charming atmosphere, which I’m certain you will love, particularly in the event that you are moving to Bangalore from northern India. There’s nothing called “summer” in Bangalore, it is dependably a “wonderful summer” out there. Also, the best part is that the charming climate stays consistently.

A wide range of nourishment: Usually individuals pre expect that sustenance will be an issue, however Bangalore offers all of you writes of sustenance. Regardless of whether you like India, mainland, Thai or Chinese, you can discover a wide range of sustenances here in Bangalore. Bangalore dislike a common south Indian state serving just south Indian indulgences. Bangalore has numerous eateries serving interstate and additionally worldwide cooking styles.

A lot of shopping centers: Bangalore has a lot of shopping centers, so whether you need to look for family unit merchandise, garments, or customary foodstuffs, it won’t be exceptionally troublesome for you.

Heaps of greenery: Though Bangalore is developing as one of the top most mechanical city, yet you’ll never get the opportunity to see just structures around you, there are a lot of greenery as well. There are many parks accessible in the city where you can without much of a stretch visit, for example, the Cubbon stop, Lal bagh, Bannerghatta National stop, and some more.

Driving as the ‘bar capital of India’: If you are stressed over your delight and nightlife, then stress no more, since Bangalore is never going to disillusion you with regards to celebrating. It has a various number of bars out there, so you require not stress by any means. Simply go out and party hard on the off chance that you are feeling exhausted.

Dialect is not generally an obstruction: One purpose behind individuals to take an once more from going to different states is the other state’s ‘dialect’. In any case, in the event that you are moving to Bangalore, that is not going to be a major issue. The education rate in Bangalore is very great like some other south Indian state, so the greater part of them would know English (if not conversant in talking, they would, at any rate, comprehend English).

Instructive foundations: If you are moving to Bangalore and worried about your youngster’s training, then there is no motivation to stress. Bangalore is an instructive center and you can without much of a stretch locate an appropriate foundation (school, universities) for your youngster.

Tremendous road turned parking lot: The greatest downside of living in Bangalore is its massive car influx. In spite of the fact that Bangalore has a smooth transport framework, yet the tremendous automobile overload can disappoint you. Thus, on the off chance that you need to visit some place on time, just ensures you escape the home early.

Mosquitoes: Vector-borne illnesses are exceptionally regular in Bangalore, for example, Malaria, dengue, Chikungunya and Japanese encephalitis. Thus, on the off chance that you are moving to Bangalore, ensure you purchase a mosquito net, anti-agents cream, and everything without exception that can shield you from mosquitoes.

Romantic Getaways From Bangalore this Valentine day

The V-week is upon us! Purchased those blossoms and chocolates as of now? No? Try not to stress! In case you’re having an extreme time making sense of how to compensate for the uncountable Valentine’s week celebrations that you’ve missed because of work, we have the ideal answer for you. properties for sale in Bangalore are available if you want to enjoy these superb getaways frequently

  1. Gokarna, Karnataka

Strange and untouched as it may be, Gokarna pulls in a considerable measure of guests at all seasons of the year. The delightful brilliant shorelines, the gentle February sun and the entire thought of this shoreline town make Gokarna a wonderful Valentine’s goal. On the off chance that you haven’t gone by Gokarna yet, this is your shot. Go, set the mind-set this sentimental season!

  1. Coorg, Karnataka

Coorg is a flawless withdraw for couples while it’s crisp and overcast and excellent, which is throughout the entire year! The breeze, the strange atmosphere and the valleys and the rich green cover, together make Coorg an awesome withdraw for you and your accomplice this affection season. An old most loved among the sentimental getaways from Bangalore.

  1. Kabini

Kabini River Cabin, a unique place with untamed life, greenery and the delightful Kabini River, is a dazzling getaway for you two. Need to amp up the sentiment? Do Kabini on a bicycle trip with the twist in your hair and the ripple in your souls! There is no more surefire approach to get those city nerves murdered!

  1. Pondicherry

Chill, stroll around in flip flounders and shorts and investigate the wonderful place where there is Pondy. Contemplate, shoreline bathe, sunbathe or basically stroll around in the loveliest union domain of the nation, Pondicherry beyond any doubt is a pure getaway on the off chance that it is sentiment that you long for! There are many apartments for sale in Bangalore that will provide direct connectivity to this beautiful place through wide roads.

  1. Maravanthe

A shoreline town that gets out supernaturally for some days free and a dazzling street trip, Maravanthe is a less investigated, less navigated alternative for Bangaloreans. The cool peacefulness, combined with the tranquil vibe and the marvelous atmosphere that will be discovered right now will make this one a flat out relish for Valentine’s. Make this place your own particular and go for a sentimental outing close Bangalore.

  1. Coonoor

One of the loveliest slope stations in Tamil Nadu, Coonoor is a pleasant perspective of the Nilgiris and the Catherine Falls. The never-endingly cloudy scene added to the greenery duplicates the sentimental remainder of Coonoor complex.

  1. Hogenakkal

What’s superior to a waterfall, you inquire? The Kaveri part into various floods of waterfalls in Hogenakkal, we say! Hogenakkal is a delightful getaway for you both to revive your fire with entrancing sights and sounds to see with entwined fingers.

  1. Ooty

Lying in the midst of green slopes, thick timberlands and excellent lakes, Ooty is the Queen of Hill Stations and a standout amongst the most famous sentimental getaways from Bangalore. It’s the ideal place to unwind in the slopes and furthermore take in all the magnificence of the characteristic environment, with your adoration done.

  1. Bandipur

A couple investigating the wild. Might it be able to get any more sentimental? Arrange an outing to Bandipur and inundate yourself in the picturesque, crude magnificence of this place. Well known for tiger spotting, you will likewise discover elephants and a few uncommon creature and flying creature species here.

  1. Goa

Acclaimed everywhere throughout the nation and furthermore on the planet for it’s exquisite shorelines, Goa is a perfect sentimental getaway from Bangalore. There are a lot of not really packed spots and shorelines in Goa, where you can unwind and invest some quality energy with your better half.

Bangalore: One of the Best City to Live In

The Silicon Valley of India “Bengaluru” is one of the best city as compared any other city in India, may it be Bombay, Ahmadabad, Delhi, Chennai. No City can beat this IT city where great minds sit in lavish offices to bring the best of products and services for you. From huge deluxe high-rise buildings to the calm and composed lakes in every corner of the city.

From the techno-geeks to the most friendliest of people, the city has a charm which none another city can replace. There are many reputed builders in Bangalore that are coming up with some amazing properties for sale in Bangalore which definitely is a way towards a great lifestyle. Here are some points to prove Why it is the most amazing city to live in.

Garden City of India

Bangalore is also known as the Garden City of India because of the maximum number of lush green gardens in this City.


Also, the city is very clean and the BBMP is very active here. It is difficult to find any slums in Bangalore when compared to other cities where you can find it often.

Silicon Valley of India

IT Capital or Silicon Valley of India is the other name of this beautiful city of tech parks constituting GIANT MNC’s to many other IT and IT’es.


It is said that this city houses about fifty thousand software companies including many BPO’s and pharma companies. DRDO, ISRO, HAL Companies and even Infosys have their headquarters located here.

Pleasant Weather

Weather in Bangalore remains same throughout the year, neither too cold nor too hot. Bangalore don’t go extreme with its temperature and hence is the perfect city to be a part of. In every season, you can enjoy a pleasant weather in Bangalore. There are many apartments for sale in Bangalore near scenic lakes which one could own to enjoy a pleasant weather round the year in this city

The Best of Automobiles

You can easily see the highly expensive cars and motorbikes running on the streets of Bangalore. This city over the records is the highest importer of international cars and bikes as compared to any other city in India.

Rich Culture

Apart from being one of the most contemporary cities, the traditional values are still intact to the city. It has a very rich culture and devotions.


There are many temples in Bangalore where people from all over the country are visiting.

Communal Harmony

From mosques to temples, from churches to Gurudwaras, Bangalore without being partial houses it all. The communal harmony in Bangalore is incredible where people from all religions live happily. If you want to see the highest number of worship places and that too in a single region, then you must visit Bangalore.

Range of Food Delicacies

From traditional to international, Bangalore comprises of restaurants that are efficient in both. Food lovers from every state can treat their taste buds here and not just the Indian states, people from outside India can serve themselves with international french or English cuisines apart from grabbing some spicy traditional meals.


Brokers Part In Real Estate

Be it for buying a home or renting one, majority of the buyers tend to approach real estate brokers or agents. Real estate brokers play a crucial role in a person’s journey. So, who are these brokers/agents? Well, in simple words, he/she is a mediator or facilitator for property transactions between the buyer and the seller.

So, why is it advised to take assistance from brokers? To being with, brokers are the people who can give you first-hand information about the market. They keep a close tap on the market and are also aware of the latest happenings and trends that are defining real estate market.

Thus, they can help you in scouting options based on your preferences and budget. For their services, you will have to pay some brokerage amount which usually ranges from 0.5 to 2 per cent of the deal value. For a rental property, you will have to pay one month’s rent. However, this can differ from broker to broker. Selling your home is probably one of the the largest financial transactions of your life, so choosing the right real estate broker is an important—and sometimes daunting—responsibility. So if you are looking Property for Sale in Bangalore then you must read this article before moving ahead.

Different types of Brokers/Agents

  • Seller’s agent:Also known as listing agent, these agents only work for the seller. Thus, will only show your properties listed by a particular seller.
  • Buyer’s agent: As the name suggests, a buyer’s agent only work for the buyers. From house hunting to closing the deal, these agents will be by your side.
  • Dual agent.He works for both buyers and sellers. This single agent represents the seller and the buyer at one point of time which means in the same transaction.


How to select an efficient broker?

  • See if the broker’s firm is associated with any local or state body of real estate such as NAR, BAR, etc.
  • Check whether the broker has a good understanding of the market and legal formalities.
  • Find out about his charges and also compare it to other shortlisted brokers in the area.
  • Ask for referral from your friends/relatives.
  • Find someone who offer suggestions.
  • Find an area expert.
  • Keep your option open.

Places To Visit When You Crave Authentic Kannada Cuisine!

It’s ironic, that being the business epicentre of Karnataka, it’s very difficult to find restaurants that serve authentic Kannada cuisine in Bangalore. And even if you are fortune enough to find that one “authentic” one, you’ll find out that the tag is rather exaggerated.

But, the fact is that, be it small or big, underrated or well-known, there are few restaurants in Bangalore where you can enjoy some original recipes born in Karnataka’s past. You can also look out for apartments for sale in Bangalore if you are someone who loves the authentic Kannada cuisines.

  • Shree Venkateshwara North Karnataka Hotel

As the names suggest, this place is well known for serving authentic North Karnataka cuisines. The snacks served here are very popular among the patrons. The one highlight of Shree Venkateshwara North Karnataka Hotel is that it is easy in the pocket.


Having said that, a point to be added here is, it is not the best Kannada fare that you can find in a city like Bangalore but having a meal here on regular basis more or less serves the purpose.

Cost for two: Rs. 200 (approx)

Address: 1/21, Vijaylaxmi Towers, 32 Cross, 10th Main, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore.

  • Halli Mane

This amazing restaurant in Mumbai in Malleshwaram is one place which does take their cuisines seriously.


This place caters exclusively to those who want to taste the authentic Kannada food, you will find recipes that came right from agrarian Karnataka here. Also, the delicacies here are served in the traditional format, on a banana leaf, completing the authentic experience for all their customers.

Cost For Two: Rs. 200 (approx)

Address: 14,3rd Cross,Sampige Road, Malleswaram, Bengaluru.

  • Malwani Tiffin Room

You might feel a little disappointed with the limited number of dishes served at MTR during the breakfast, though the taste and the freshly cooked quality of cuisine compensate for that.


But, for lunch, you get to taste some lip-smacking traditional curries, the kind of which is rarely prepared with such deftness. Malwani Tiffin Room also has an outlet in Whitefield, but the one near LalBagh is undoubtedly the better one.

Cost For Two: Rs. 250 (approx)

Address: 14, Lalbagh Road, Mavalli, Near Basavanagudi, Bangalore.

  • Shivaji Military Hotel

Military Hotel is well known especially for serving yummy food, especially with meat in it. This hotel is the best of the lot in Bangalore. Shivaji Military Hotel is not vast and gets crowded easily, and no, you cannot make a reservation here. But the variety of dishes they serve using chicken, lamb, and mutton, are worth the wait!

Cost For Two: Rs. 300 (approx)

Address: 780, 1st C Main, 45th Cross, 8th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore.

  • Vidyarthi Bhavan

Established in 1943, this restaurant has become one of the known and loved vegetarian eateries in the garden city. Though this restaurant is not limited to the Kannadiga cuisine, the food of Karnataka that they serve are definitely something to be written upon.

Cost For Two: Rs. 150 (approx)

Address: No-32, Gandhi Bazar Main Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore.

5 Most Crowded Places in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the famous economic hubs in the region serving three different states. Thus, the city has recorded immigration at a very high rate in the recent past bringing much crowd (employees) to the city.

Majority of the crowded localities are over-populated mainly due to two reasons- either presence of transportation hubs or attractive high-street shopping destinations. This article will quickly take you through some of the most crowded micro-markets in the city. There are many property in Bangalore for living which is assessable to local people.

KR Puram


KR Puram is a pivot point for transportation with the presence of both rail and bus terminals separated at a nominal distance. Being on the Outer Ring Road, the area attracts a huge traffic flow throughout the day. Moreover, the presence of retail spaces such as Gopalan Mall brings much crowd to the area which creates heavy traffic inflow and outflow resulting in heavy congestion.Reside



Majestic has become a one-stop destination for both inter-city rail and bus terminals along with intra-city bus services. Thereby causing a huge chaos of crowd flowing towards numerous destinations continuously keeping the market live both day and night.

Silk Board


Silk Board hosts an important road intersection which is equidistant to both the IT corridors of South and East Bangalore along with the residential markets of South and South-East Bangalore. This has resulted in huge chaos of pedestrians interchanging public transportation modes in most of the business days.

Chickpet & KR Market

KR Market is one of the largest wholesale markets of the city dealing in important commodities. While Chickpete adjoining the area is an attractive shopping centre well-known for textiles with variety of designer silk sarees and jewellery. Both these markets are heavily crowded during the weekdays and weekends alike.


Due to its strategic location coupled with high commercial and retail activities, Marathahalli has carved a niche for itself as one of the most-preferred residential destinations for property in Bangalore and renting apartments.

The area enjoys swift connectivity to the IT corridors towards the South (Kadubeesanahalli and Bellandur) along with ITPL via Outer Ring Road. On the other hand, Old Airport Road gives excellent connectivity to the central areas of the city such as Domlur, HAL market, and Indiranagar.


3 Rags To Riches Stories Of Bangalore

Here are some of the Rags-to-Riches stories of Bangalore, which can inspire you to become successful and earn millions and millions, without necessarily having all the advantages in life.

Arcot Narrainsawmy Mudaliar

Arcot Narrainsawmy Mudaliar (14 May 1827 – 9 February 1910) was a vegetable seller who turned into one of the richest man in Bangalore by supervising the construction of Bangalore’s Attara Kacheri as a contractor.


He then set up a firm by name ‘Bangalore Agency’ on South Parade (which is now the MG Road- a prominent real estate destination). The firm dealt with livestock, real estate, auctioneering and valuation. He donated money to several educational, social and religious institutions.

Today, there are about fifteen educational institutions bearing his name that are run by the RBANM’s Educational Charities. The British gave him the titles Rai Bahadur and Dharmarathnakara. He is also known as the ‘Merchant Prince of Bangalore’. The businessman was also a philanthropist.Now he has many Residential Property in Bangalore for sale.

Kullachar Nanjundachar

Kullachar Nanjundachar, popularly known as K.P. Nanjundi, is the proprietor of the famous Sri Lakshmi Gold Palace chain. Nanjundi saw the worst in his life and yet struggled to achieve greater heights in life. During his childhood, he could not afford to even buy Ragi, the cheapest food grain. After his father’s demise, his family was subjected to most vulnerable situations of poverty, starvation, humiliation, and death.

He plied an auto rickshaw during night-time to earn bread for a family of nine, which was also not sufficient. Therefore, he started small jewellery shop and started selling them to big retailers. Gradually he began to finance movies, became a leading financier for the Kannada movie industry and produced three Kannada movies.

He entered into gold trading eight years ago during the boom period in gold consumption. He now owns seven jewellery showrooms in Bangalore, Mangalore, Hubli and Belgaum, and is planning to add six more. He is also planning to invest Rs 300 crore over the next three years to construct a movie hall in Davanagere in central Karnataka and a star hotel in Mysore.

Ramesh Babu, The Barber Who Owns A Rolls Royce

Ramesh Babu, a 12 dropout who later completed diploma in Electronics from Industrial Training Institute, is a barber based in Inner Space Salon near Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore. He has overcome severe obstacles and have done odd jobs in his childhood to pursue his PU education, which he had to drop after his father’s demise.Now he owned many property in Bangalore.


He turned into a millionaire by renting out luxury cars. He started with taxi business in 2004 with Maruti Omni van and today he owns 256 luxury cars, which includes a Rolls Royce, six BMWs, nine Mercedes, a Jaguar, three Audis and many more. With his success in Bengaluru, he is planning to venture into Vijayawada as he sees a lot of potential in the city.