Reasons for Bangalore Being the best City

There is always this argument sometimes said and sometimes unsaid that which is the best city in India. Is it Delhi, the capital of this country or is it Mumbai, the fashion capital of India or is it Bangalore, silicon valley of India.

The argument is endless due to different perspectives of different people staying in every corner from all the three places. Though every city in India has its own uniqueness and charm, Bangalore outperforms them all by accumulating the culture from every corner and every city in India.

Delhi and Mumbai in the race of being the best, ignored this beautiful city that emerged as an IT hub and a metropolitan city from being nothing in terms of big brands as compared to Delhi and Mumbai. Even the properties for sale in Bangalore are rising as the city is progressing towards more development.

Here are some great reasons of Why Bangalore is the best city and continuously thriving to become the more to that.

The true IT giant in the country : Outsourced is a synonym with Bangalored in America. That is the influence of IT services being outsourced from Bangalore. The americans need to devote a separate term for outsourcing because of the amount of services they receive from this city.


The late night pubs : We have often heard everyone saying that Bangalore does not boast of a night life as Mumbai or Delhi but the number of pubs that operate till late nights at different parts of the city states whole together a different story. Though streets in Bangalore become quiet after 11 in night but the places to enjoy a nightlife is still there in a good number.

The Lake city : The city is not just about pubs, bars or limited to IT giants but is also a city close to nature with many lakes and gardens in its vicinity. Apart from silicon valley of India, the city is also called as garden city and lake city. The beautiful weather. The lakes, the greenery and the gardens gives it another reason for being the best city.  

Women Safety : It is safer for women as compared to any other part of the county according to the stats. Even for foreigners, the city is quite safe and compatible.

Pollution is less :  Yes, This may surprise you but bangalore is the least polluted city despite having the maximum number of public transport and the high density of traffic along with the increasing number of population day by day.

Climate of the city : Unlike extreme weathers in all other major metropolitan cities, the weather in Bangalore is quite pleasant and is almost same throughout the year. The soothing and pleasant weather the year round definitely is a major plus for the residents and forms yet another point in making Bangalore one of the best cities. The apartments for sale in Bangalore is such a good investment option if you wanna enjoy an awesome weather in all seasons.

The People : Most of the population is formed of outsiders who come here to work and explore various job opportunities in this cities. People from every part of the country are residing here peacefully.


Popular Streets in Bangalore

There are many streets in Bangalore which are popular for one or the other thing. Some are popular for the food while other is popular for the drinks or shopping. There are many properties for sale in Bangalore located around these streets so that the residents can enjoy the lifestyle of this beautiful city at its best. Here is the list of some of the most fame streets basically dedicated for shopping.

Dubai Plaza


Ladies are always in constant search of new clothes and are never satisfied with what they wear. Also shopping is never enough for them. If you are a lady and want to check out some imported dress material from thailand or korea, then Dubai mall can serve you well in this regard. It’s a great place near to brigade road where you can find a unique and modern stuff. Bargaining is one thing you should be good at while purchasing something from here.

Jayanagar 4th block Market


Jayanagar is very famous for its street market as you can get a variety of cheap stuff over here. The market has vendors of almost every type here from fancy jewellery to footwears, dress materials, bags etc. Even fruits and vegetable vendors also are there in the same market. There are many apartments for sale in Bangalore located in Jayanagar close to the street.


A textile market, it will not be wrong to call Srirampura and adjacent markets by this name.The ones looking for textile or fabrics in bulk as the vendors over here sell it in bulk in the units of KGs rather than pieces. The boutique owners or the fashion designers can cheaply buy stuff here for their innovations and can also find material of each and every type from cotton to linen, from georgette to chiffon.  Just get down at Bandi reddy circle and start exploring the whole area starting from there.

Gandhi Bazaar


Beautiful and colorful, this Bazaar is located near Basavangudi and is the most popular street among the residents of nearby areas. Many fruit, flowers and vegetable vendors forms the main of this street that makes it very colorful. Not limited to that, it offers many cotton and silk materials too if you will stroll through the inside market. Everything here comes at such a reasonable price that you would not like to miss any of the stuffs.

Chickpet Market/Avenue Road


Chickpet and avenue road market are adjacent to each other and provides with numerous options to shop for variety of stuffs at reasonable prices. Very popular among Bangaloreans for sarees and lehengas, the street has an awesome collection of dress materials too. All you need here is the good judgement about the quality of cloth and the price worth of every item for a perfect shopping over here.

Famous Lakes In Bangalore

The silicon valley of India is not just famous for all major IT companies but is also considered to be the garden and lake city of India with many beautiful gardens and lakes at closer distances. Nature has bestowed both the beauty and the brains to the city. The beautiful lakes at every corner of the city make it so convenient for the residents to take a break from their bustling city lives to walk along them.

It relaxes the mind and is a big time treat for all the nature lovers to explore their photography skills. Here is the list of some of the most popular lakes in Bangalore which every other person wants to go for meditating their soul and mind in the lap of nature. There are many properties for sale in Bangalore available near these beautiful lakes.

Ulsoor Lake


The Ulsoor is one of the most famous lakes in Bangalore situated in the heart of the city. The lake is well maintained and clean with a calm and peaceful oasis. If you like boating, then you should come here with your family to enjoy a boat ride with pleasant winds. Also, you can walk around the periphery of the lake to admire nature and its creativity.

Hebbal Lake


It is one of those three lakes that Kempe Gowda who founded Bangalore himself has built. This lake is a home to many beautiful birds in Bangalore and provides the awesome views of birds taking off high in the sky from its shore and high rise buildings from the periphery of the lake. Apart from this, the visitors can enjoy an awesome evening by its side with so many eatables being sold along with the mesmerizing view of nature. The residents and the ones looking for flats for sale in Bangalore near this lake can fully enjoy the beauty of nature over here.

Agara Lake


The agara lake is definitely a spa to those tired eyes stuck in the traffic in one of the busiest parts of the city. Located close to HSR leading to Agara junction, this lake is a beautiful getaway near to the residence to soak in nature for all the morning joggers, for all evening walkers and for the ones who are fighting for the moments of solace in their busy hectic lives.

Lalbagh Lake


Lalbagh is an eye candy for all the nature lovers who likes to float in the creativity of nature with all their heart. Its a perfect destination for photographers as well who likes to capture the nature photography, greenery, and flower show. Its a beautiful garden in Bangalore topped with the goodness of lake in its periphery. It feels heavenly when a cold breeze strikes during the morning or evening walk in the garden of Lalbagh.

Kengeri Lake


This is one of the most beautiful men-made lakes in Bangalore. The combination of the lush greenery along with boating facilities make this lake mesmerizing and gives the visitors a view to capturing in their eyes for a lifetime. The lake is situated on Mysore road and is disappearing very fast with the lack of proper maintenance. So visit this nature’s creativity before it’s too late.

Things you never knew about Bangalore

Bangalore, the “Silicon Valley of India” is a mix of cultures. Once not the very popular city is now a metropolis with all MNC’s on its land. It offers the contemporary lifestyle that perfectly blends with the cultural values and traditions to give an outcome of a Rich India. This city not just houses the residents from its own state but has residents from all over the country and even outside it.

There are many attractions of this beautiful city apart from being the big IT giant. The food and the nearby outstations for a family outing is the other thing that makes this city an awesome place to live. There are many unique apartments for sale in Bangalore apart from these hidden facts.

Plaza Theater


It is one of its kind of theater in India for promoting the budding talents in the field of acting. This Plaza theater is one of the oldest theater that founded its roots in 1936 on M.G. Road. The founders stole the inspiration from the theaters of Great Britain before constructing this heritage culture in India. It has a wooden flooring and was mostly used by English soldiers for ball dancing and watching Hollywood movies. There are many flats for sale in Bangalore near to this plaza that is gaining importance.

The experiment of Rava Idli


It is said that world war II, India was facing some crisis for rice and therefore was not able to provide idlis in the required amount. That is when MTR, the well-known food chain, came up with this idea of making idlis with semolina which later became the famous breakfast of Rava Idli.

Double Decker buses in Bangalore


Everyone posses this fantasy to sit on the top floor of the double-decker bus. Many who are the old residents in Bangalore must have experienced this fantasy as Bangalore was the first to run such kinds of the bus on the streets in 1980’s.

Cave Temple in Bangalore


The Hulimavu Cave Temple is one of the famous cave temples in Bangalore which surely many of you are not aware of. It is located in Hulimavu in Bannerghatta road, near to BGS National Public School. The cave temple was not constructed from bricks and mortars rather a rock was cut to make this divine temple. The main attraction of this temple is the granite pillars. Two of the pillars represent the sun and the moon and the other two pillars Trishul and Dumru, the significant possessions of Lord Shiva.

Bugle Rock


The bugle rock was once used to be the watch tower of Bangalore as it used to display the panoramic views of Bangalore. This rock is a monolithic rock said to be 3000 million years old situated in the Basavanagudi area of Bangalore. Most of the rocks on the Bugle Rock, that is situated adjacently to the Bull Temple are hollow from inside which were once used to light lamps.

A City Loaded With so much of Goodness: Bangalore

“You know you’re in Bangalore, you know you’re in the Silicon Valley of India, when you go to play golf and the caddy on the main tee says you can either go for the Microsoft building or the IBM building. You know you’re in Bangalore when you see the Pizza Hut ad says ‘gigabytes of taste’,” broadly said the US writer Thomas Friedman in 2004. From that point onward, reams have been composed on outsourcing, the product blast and the ascent of the uber-shrewd, uber-rich new technogeeks of Bangalore. Be that as it may, whatever happened to alternate Bangaloreans, the ones that avoid the circular segment lights that the outsourcing scene sparkles upon the city? What happened to the Bangalore that lives in its swarmed markets, or the one that lives in the shaded roads of its respectable old rural areas?

Bangalore is remarkable among all real Indian urban areas for its exceptionally extraordinary history. It is remarkable for all those properties for sale in Bangalore which gives this city new heights and horizons. For right around 150 years, the city was really two urban communities, each with its own organization, and taking after totally isolate development directions.

The cantonment, set up in 1809, was regulated by the British; while the western part of the city, including the Fort and later, rural areas, for example, Basavanagudi and Malleswaram, were under the administer of the Mysore maharajas. Actually, the diverse histories of the two sections of the city left unmistakable impacts on the populaces in these two zones.

With the setting up of the cantonment amid the primary decade of the nineteenth century, the range experienced in-relocation from neighboring areas, particularly of Tamil-speakers, who came in both as fighters in the Madras regiments, and as providers and contractual workers to the British Indian Army. It was just in 1949 that the city was joined under a typical metropolitan partnership.

Yet, being situated at the intersection of three ranges, each of which talked an alternate dialect – display day Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Telugu-speaking Andhra Pradesh – and arranged not very a long way from Malayalam-speaking Kerala, Bangalore has dependably been a city of numerous dialects. Amid their rule amid the late 1700s, Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali welcomed the Tamil-speaking Tigala people group to tend to the many patio nurseries of the city, furthermore welcomed Persian toy makers to the neighboring settlement of Channapatna.

Going further back, Bangalore has been governed by different administrations, including the Gangas, Hoysalas, Nolambas, Cholas, the Vijayanagar rulers and the Marathas, a large portion of whom disparaged dialects other than Kannada, and who undoubtedly left their stamps on the neighborhood populaces of yore.

Later, the founders of Mysore energized relocation through a custom of selecting overseers from outside Mysore state, and by enlisting prominent identities from different parts of India, particularly in the field of training. Amid the 1950s, after Independence and later, with the rearrangement of states, between state movement to Bangalore was progressively supplanted by intra-state relocation into the city. Since than the city is evolving with many new apartments for sale in Bangalore along with a number of other high rise buildings.


As a city, Bangalore was industrialized genuinely at an opportune time. Sir M Visvesvaraya, Diwan of Mysore state amid the mid 1900s, prodded this procedure with his confidence in the adage, Industrialize or die. A few specialized and scholarly foundations, including the Indian Institute of Science, were thus settled in Bangalore.

Later, amid the 1950s, the city saw the foundation of a few extensive open and private-area ventures, including Hindustan Aeronautics, Bharat Earth Movers and Indian Telephone Industries. Still further on, Bangalore turned into a middle for the car business, with the foundation of the Motor Industries Company, a cooperation with the German organization Bosch.

The Indian Space Research Organization came to Bangalore amid the 1970s. By then, with its custom of information based enterprises and scholarly perfection settled, Bangalore was completely prepared to misuse the coming PC transformation. Computerized dialects During the mid-1980s, the US-based Texas Instruments set up shop in Bangalore, including the main seaward foundation in the city.

The organization’s entrance was basic for the development of the data and correspondence innovation industry in Bangalore, since it drastically demonstrated the capability of seaward exercises. Today, Bangalore is home to more than 1500 data innovation (IT) firms, with a few more in what are known as IT-empowered administrations, a segment that incorporates IT-subordinate organizations and Internet Service Providers.

 As IT blasted, Bangalore turned into the new Bombay; a magnet for transients from around the nation. Relocation fueled half of Bangalore’s amazing populace development of 4.1 million in 1991 to right around 5.7 million by 2001; an expansion of more than 30 percent.

Simultaneous with the deluge of talented work from urban territories around the nation was the development of a casual economy through in-movement of individuals from provincial regions in Karnataka. The last frequently joined the administration economy, filling in as hairdressers, family helps, cooks, drivers, tea women, development specialists etc. Of the city’s aggregate populace, 1.2 million are vagrants from different parts of Karnataka, and somewhere in the range of 800,000 are from outside the state.

Upsides and downsides of Living Alone!

Either for pursuing higher education or for a better career opportunity, everybody has to live alone at some or the other point in their lives. Now, while the idea of flying solo might sound adventurous, let us tell you that it comes with its own package of advantages and disadvantages. So, if you looking for an Property for sale in Bangalore to experience staying alone, below are a few things that you should know about.


  • Personal Space: This is one of the biggest advantages. You will see arguments with your family and siblings reducing drastically, for there will be no one else at home except you.
  • More Organised:


  • Though little difficult in the beginning, you will eventually become more organised in your life. You will become efficient in managing your finances, paying bills, and savings.
  • Unlimited entertainment: There will be no one to stop you from watching TV, listening to music at full volume, lying on the sofa reading books endlessly, or even sleeping. By living alone, you have the scope to entertain yourself to the fullest.
  • Essential Survival Skills: Living alone will also teach you some basic survival skills such as cleaning, washing and preparing a decent meal.
  • You come home to a quiet, peaceful house at the end of the day, perfect for you to unwind.


  • Homesickness: Not getting food on time or while falling sick, you will miss your home the most.
  • Safety Issues: When you are living alone, mainly girls, you will have to take care of your safety.
  • Financial Burden: Rent, electricity and water bills, Wi-Fi Bill, phone bill, groceries, and the list goes on. You will have to manage all the expenditure on your own, which at times can be little difficult.
  • Boring, at times: It is very common to get bored with your daily routine. There will be times when none of your friends will be free to meet you.
  • There is no one there to share in your immediate excitement for things, like when someone new gets killed on Game of Thrones.

In the last decade, luxury and ultra-luxury segment in the city have witnessed good appreciation. Thus, developers are working hard towards building high-rise properties for sale in Bangalore where homebuyers can enjoy their perk


6 Unusual Features that would be Great to Add to a New Home

It is good to be different at times! This holds true for decorating your home as well. In today’s fast paced lives, people often tend to take common décor ideas from friends or neighbours. So, if your home is under-construction or if you are planning to buy a new home, try out something unusual yet trendy. To make your life simpler, here is a list of some ideas that will give a stunning look to your new home.

  • Balcony pool: Imagine enjoying a bright sunny day at a balcony pool with a glass of wine! Sounds interesting? If yes, go for it even if your pocket allows.
  • Backyard cinema: Are you a movie buff? If yes, this can be a perfect and unusual idea for you. Set up a mini theater in your backyard and enjoy time with your family.



  • Private pub: Sounds good, right? Of course, it does. There are times when you want to party with your friends but do not feel like going out! A private pub will help you in such a scenario. Further, it will make your home look exotic.
  • Concave Living Room:


  • If you are thinking of giving a different look to your living room, then leave regular shapes. Plan a concave living room that will make your living area look unique and beautiful.
  • Hideaway parking spot: This is a utility idea to have a hideaway parking spot that leads to your underground garage and bunker.
  • Underfloor wine cellar can be little expensive but it looks fantastic. The frameless glass door that does not extend into the floor but has an internal hinge will do the perfect work.


Unknown Facts about Bangalore!

Do you live in Bangalore? Love Bangalore? And also feel that there is no other place in India where you would rather be! But let me ask you a question, are you sure that you know in and out about this fabulous Bangalore you are in love with?

It is quiet easy to say that Bengaluru is the third largest city and fifth largest metropolitan in the country, and that everyone is inspired by the pleasant climate and beauty of the city, well these are all known facts. Bangalore is much more to what meets the eyes. Below mentioned are some wonderful facts about this IT Hub, check it out to know how much you know about the same!

  • Elevation

Ever wondered why Bangalore city enjoys a pleasant climate all throughout the year? Ok, we have answer to this, it is because Bangalore is situated at the height of over 3,000 feet which is 914.4 m above the seas level. Adding more to this, Bangalore is situated even above Dehradhun which is 630 m above the sea level. Now you know why your beloved city enjoys a pleasant climate any time of the year.

  • Electricity

Bangalore was one of the first cities in India, who got electricity from hydro power plant in 1906. This hydro power was powered by the hydroelectric plant situated in Shivanasamudra. The honored recipient of this first hydro power electricity was the building in City Market, Bangalore.

  • Silicon Valley

Well, we all are aware of the fact that Bangalore is called as the Silicon valley of India. But the unknown fact here is that the city is home to 212 software companies! And that is exactly why Bangalore is known as the silicon valley.

  • Lakes


Bangalore city could boasts of highest number of lakes earlier, which were somewhere around 200 lakes and tanks, but the saddening fact is that most of them are untraceable now due to land encroachment and are now replaced by golf courses, bus stands, residential colonies and playgrounds. Also, one can say that this city accounts for the highest number of erased lakes from the map.

  • Engineers

You might have heard about raining cats and dogs, but in Bangalore city, it is raining Engineers. Bangalore boasts the highest percentage of Engineers in the World! Yes, you read it right. With more than a million of of IT professionals migrating to Bangalore in search of Job, the demand for apartments for sale in Bangalore and flats for sale in Bangalore is quite high.

  • Engineering Colleges

You might be wondering, why raining Engineers? And where do they come from? Bangalore is home to 21 Engineering colleges which is the highest given in any city in India. Adding more to this, Bangalore University also has 57 Engineering Colleges affiliated to it, which itself is a record again!

  • Neat and Clean


If you are recently migrating to this city after buying a flat for sale in Bangalore, then do think twice before disposing those empty chips packet on the roads of Bangalore. This place is so far considered as one of the cleanest metropolitan cities in India, so let’s keep it that way.

  • Foreign Connection

Except for the gulf regions, This city is also known for sending highest number of IT professionals abroad, especially to USA!


Best Places To Live in Bangalore!

The Real Estate industry has seen a rampant growth in India in the past years. Bangalore, the IT hub of India, has emerged as an upcoming residential destination. Well, Place like Mumbai and Delhi are usually the front runners in terms of development, but Bangalore is no less and is considered to be on its way to being at par with them. So, if you are looking for an apartment for sale in Bangalore, or property for sale in Bangalore, below is the list of best places to live in Bangalore or which is now known as Bengaluru.


  1. Whitefield

Whitefield is among the most expensive residential areas in Bengaluru. Many software companies are headquartered here, this place is also known as an IT hub. A number of residential projects have come up here in recent years, creating a township of sorts. You can look out for an apartment for sale here and make a purchase, this place is sure to offer you high ROI,as most of the working class people look out for leasing an apartment which is nearby their workplace. Whitefield is home to top notch professionals of various IT companies in Bengaluru.

  1. Indira Nagar

Indira Nagar, which lies right in the heart of Bengaluru, this place is definitely famous amongst everyone. Indira Nagar is developing into one of the busiest commercial areas of Bengaluru, with a huge number of food joints, leisure, and retail outlets, and is also the most sought after residential address in Bangalore. Various entertainment options and connectivity in Indira Nagar clearly make it one of the most loved places to live in the city. Why wait anymore? if you are shifting to Bangalore, then start looking out for apartments for sale in Bangalore or property for sale in Bangalore.

  1. Malleswaram

Malleswaram, the oldest localities in Bengaluru, has a rich cultural and social heritage. This area in Bangalore is characterized by quiet parks, beautiful trees lined avenues, educational institutions, historical temples, and a number of eateries serving typical Bangalorean food, together making it a good place to live in. With a very friendly residential community, Malleswaram has a number of associations and informal clubs that you can surely be a part of. So, if you are away from home and looking for a residential complex are where you can feel like home, then you should look out for apartments for sale in Bangalore, Malleswar

Affordable Eateries in Bangalore

Affordable Eateries in Bangalore

Bangalore, a cultural hub, and economic powerhouse, is one of the fastest growing city in India. Bangalore, often referred to as the Silicon Valley of India, is full of internationally renowned entrepreneurs who have moved all the way from all corners of the globe to this metropolitan city, bringing with them a diversity that’s also culinary. Bangalore city is full of working professionals, who know what they want, even when it comes to choosing food. Also, value for money is the key and in keeping with that, here is a list of Affordable restaurants in Bangalore.

  1. Gramin, Koramangala


Gramin is a small place with a village like setting. This place is sure to bring tears of joy to someone who heartily enjoys North Indian cuisine. This place is one of the most crowded eateries in Bangalore, but trust me, the wait is worth it! They also take your order beforehand, so that you just reach your table and your food will be served in a few minutes and you can enjoy the delicious mouthwatering range of food among the very chirping crowd. There are residential projects which is offering Property for sale in Bangalore.

Cost for two: 400 Rupees (approx).

2.Shree Sagar (CTR) Malleshwaram


At any given hour, this place is always crowded. This is not because of CTR’s popularity but also because of their consistency in delivering some lip-smacking food. This is one of the best places to have some typical South Indian food in Bangalore.

Cost for two: 200 Rupees (approx).

3.Vasudev Adiga’s, Indira Nagar

Vasudev Adiga is known for serving some delicious idli-vada combination with delicious chutney and sambhar and is also very crowded during the morning hours, as most of the people come here to have their famous idli-vada combination. This place is very well known for serving the best Sambhar in that particular locality and will surely make you come back again and again.

Cost for two: 300 Rupees (approx)

If you are among the working class and are looking for some affordable eateries in Bangalore, then you should surely try the eateries mentioned above. Also, you can look out for apartments for sale in Bangalore, nearby to these location, so that you can enjoy these affordable food anytime you crave them.