Life in Bangalore once you start living here

It will be unjustified if someone will try to cover each and every attraction of this beautiful city of Bangalore in a single article. The city is not just about the malls or other lavish places of eateries and entertainment.The city has more to that. The culture, the openness and the people here makes this place an awesome city to be a part of. Slowly and steadily when you starts living in this city you start falling for it more and the weather here calms you down in any season.

Experience the beauty of Bangalore

In the initial days after moving to this beautiful city, you can spend whole day or days strolling through the lavish green gardens in the company of nature. If you are a nature admirer and love spending time in peace then Lalbagh is the perfect destination for your morning walk which is a historic botanical garden. Apart from that, it is highly recommended not to miss the chirping of birds near ulsoor lake or a relaxing afternoon at Cubbon park.  If you start living in properties for sale in Bangalore near to any of these parks, then nature will adore you like it’s own kid.

Let the artist in You Come Out    

The city gives every artist a platform to explore the art in them. There is a place for dancers, singers, poets, painters and for almost every art form. So the city keeps the art and artists intact. Urban Solace Restaurant is the one where all the poets can showcase their talent through a platform that inspires thousands of youngsters. Nayagram Village, a few miles from the city is the perfect place for the dancers.  Kitsch Mandi is the place to get involved in workshops related to music and paintings etc. Taking a technical turn, HAL aerospace and Visvesvaraya museum comprise of many attractions.     

Destination for Shopaholics in Bangalore   


If you are a kind of person who can’t stay away from brands for every small stuff, then visit Mantri square, forum or Orion Mall where you can find almost all brands and almost all stuff that you need. But if you are a kind of person who likes street shopping and the brands doesn’t bother you much, then MG road is one place you can’t stay away once you start living in Bangalore. The avenue road market is also one place you would not like to miss as the narrow shops out there has stuff like bags, necklaces, dresses, purses that any girl will fall for.     

Eateries you would not like to miss

There are a number of food joints in Bangalore where you can get food from every state of India. Foodies here can explore an unbeatable number of varieties. From south Indian food to north Indian delicacies, you will definitely love the food over here. With the increasing charm of people for food over here, the number of eateries is also sloping high day by day. From snacks to dinner, from restaurants to breweries you can get it all over here.                     

Adventure sports and trips    


Adventure has a separate place in this city and adventurous people have the specific destinations set here. Many natural and artificial adventure sports and trekking places form the major attractions over here. You can cycle up to nandi hills or Sholay village if you simultaneously want to enjoy cycling and trekking. Apart from this, the overnight camp to Horsley hills is another major adventurous attraction near Bangalore. Savandurga is also an awesome trek place that you should never miss. There are some other fun, exciting and adventures lined up in this city that you can explore once you start living here.

The following things will introduce this beautiful city in short but there is a lot lying ahead that you will come to know once you will start living in some apartments for sale in Bangalore. You will blend with the city so naturally after sometime that you would love calling yourself a Bangalorean.


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