Bangalore: One of the Best City to Live In

The Silicon Valley of India “Bengaluru” is one of the best city as compared any other city in India, may it be Bombay, Ahmadabad, Delhi, Chennai. No City can beat this IT city where great minds sit in lavish offices to bring the best of products and services for you. From huge deluxe high-rise buildings to the calm and composed lakes in every corner of the city.

From the techno-geeks to the most friendliest of people, the city has a charm which none another city can replace. There are many reputed builders in Bangalore that are coming up with some amazing properties for sale in Bangalore which definitely is a way towards a great lifestyle. Here are some points to prove Why it is the most amazing city to live in.

Garden City of India

Bangalore is also known as the Garden City of India because of the maximum number of lush green gardens in this City.


Also, the city is very clean and the BBMP is very active here. It is difficult to find any slums in Bangalore when compared to other cities where you can find it often.

Silicon Valley of India

IT Capital or Silicon Valley of India is the other name of this beautiful city of tech parks constituting GIANT MNC’s to many other IT and IT’es.


It is said that this city houses about fifty thousand software companies including many BPO’s and pharma companies. DRDO, ISRO, HAL Companies and even Infosys have their headquarters located here.

Pleasant Weather

Weather in Bangalore remains same throughout the year, neither too cold nor too hot. Bangalore don’t go extreme with its temperature and hence is the perfect city to be a part of. In every season, you can enjoy a pleasant weather in Bangalore. There are many apartments for sale in Bangalore near scenic lakes which one could own to enjoy a pleasant weather round the year in this city

The Best of Automobiles

You can easily see the highly expensive cars and motorbikes running on the streets of Bangalore. This city over the records is the highest importer of international cars and bikes as compared to any other city in India.

Rich Culture

Apart from being one of the most contemporary cities, the traditional values are still intact to the city. It has a very rich culture and devotions.


There are many temples in Bangalore where people from all over the country are visiting.

Communal Harmony

From mosques to temples, from churches to Gurudwaras, Bangalore without being partial houses it all. The communal harmony in Bangalore is incredible where people from all religions live happily. If you want to see the highest number of worship places and that too in a single region, then you must visit Bangalore.

Range of Food Delicacies

From traditional to international, Bangalore comprises of restaurants that are efficient in both. Food lovers from every state can treat their taste buds here and not just the Indian states, people from outside India can serve themselves with international french or English cuisines apart from grabbing some spicy traditional meals.



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