6 Unusual Features that would be Great to Add to a New Home

It is good to be different at times! This holds true for decorating your home as well. In today’s fast paced lives, people often tend to take common décor ideas from friends or neighbours. So, if your home is under-construction or if you are planning to buy a new home, try out something unusual yet trendy. To make your life simpler, here is a list of some ideas that will give a stunning look to your new home.

  • Balcony pool: Imagine enjoying a bright sunny day at a balcony pool with a glass of wine! Sounds interesting? If yes, go for it even if your pocket allows.
  • Backyard cinema: Are you a movie buff? If yes, this can be a perfect and unusual idea for you. Set up a mini theater in your backyard and enjoy time with your family.



  • Private pub: Sounds good, right? Of course, it does. There are times when you want to party with your friends but do not feel like going out! A private pub will help you in such a scenario. Further, it will make your home look exotic.
  • Concave Living Room:


  • If you are thinking of giving a different look to your living room, then leave regular shapes. Plan a concave living room that will make your living area look unique and beautiful.
  • Hideaway parking spot: This is a utility idea to have a hideaway parking spot that leads to your underground garage and bunker.
  • Underfloor wine cellar can be little expensive but it looks fantastic. The frameless glass door that does not extend into the floor but has an internal hinge will do the perfect work.



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