Brokers Part In Real Estate

Be it for buying a home or renting one, majority of the buyers tend to approach real estate brokers or agents. Real estate brokers play a crucial role in a person’s journey. So, who are these brokers/agents? Well, in simple words, he/she is a mediator or facilitator for property transactions between the buyer and the seller.

So, why is it advised to take assistance from brokers? To being with, brokers are the people who can give you first-hand information about the market. They keep a close tap on the market and are also aware of the latest happenings and trends that are defining real estate market.

Thus, they can help you in scouting options based on your preferences and budget. For their services, you will have to pay some brokerage amount which usually ranges from 0.5 to 2 per cent of the deal value. For a rental property, you will have to pay one month’s rent. However, this can differ from broker to broker. Selling your home is probably one of the the largest financial transactions of your life, so choosing the right real estate broker is an important—and sometimes daunting—responsibility. So if you are looking Property for Sale in Bangalore then you must read this article before moving ahead.

Different types of Brokers/Agents

  • Seller’s agent:Also known as listing agent, these agents only work for the seller. Thus, will only show your properties listed by a particular seller.
  • Buyer’s agent: As the name suggests, a buyer’s agent only work for the buyers. From house hunting to closing the deal, these agents will be by your side.
  • Dual agent.He works for both buyers and sellers. This single agent represents the seller and the buyer at one point of time which means in the same transaction.


How to select an efficient broker?

  • See if the broker’s firm is associated with any local or state body of real estate such as NAR, BAR, etc.
  • Check whether the broker has a good understanding of the market and legal formalities.
  • Find out about his charges and also compare it to other shortlisted brokers in the area.
  • Ask for referral from your friends/relatives.
  • Find someone who offer suggestions.
  • Find an area expert.
  • Keep your option open.

Upsides and downsides of Living Alone!

Either for pursuing higher education or for a better career opportunity, everybody has to live alone at some or the other point in their lives. Now, while the idea of flying solo might sound adventurous, let us tell you that it comes with its own package of advantages and disadvantages. So, if you looking for an Property for sale in Bangalore to experience staying alone, below are a few things that you should know about.


  • Personal Space: This is one of the biggest advantages. You will see arguments with your family and siblings reducing drastically, for there will be no one else at home except you.
  • More Organised:


  • Though little difficult in the beginning, you will eventually become more organised in your life. You will become efficient in managing your finances, paying bills, and savings.
  • Unlimited entertainment: There will be no one to stop you from watching TV, listening to music at full volume, lying on the sofa reading books endlessly, or even sleeping. By living alone, you have the scope to entertain yourself to the fullest.
  • Essential Survival Skills: Living alone will also teach you some basic survival skills such as cleaning, washing and preparing a decent meal.
  • You come home to a quiet, peaceful house at the end of the day, perfect for you to unwind.


  • Homesickness: Not getting food on time or while falling sick, you will miss your home the most.
  • Safety Issues: When you are living alone, mainly girls, you will have to take care of your safety.
  • Financial Burden: Rent, electricity and water bills, Wi-Fi Bill, phone bill, groceries, and the list goes on. You will have to manage all the expenditure on your own, which at times can be little difficult.
  • Boring, at times: It is very common to get bored with your daily routine. There will be times when none of your friends will be free to meet you.
  • There is no one there to share in your immediate excitement for things, like when someone new gets killed on Game of Thrones.

In the last decade, luxury and ultra-luxury segment in the city have witnessed good appreciation. Thus, developers are working hard towards building high-rise properties for sale in Bangalore where homebuyers can enjoy their perk


6 Unusual Features that would be Great to Add to a New Home

It is good to be different at times! This holds true for decorating your home as well. In today’s fast paced lives, people often tend to take common décor ideas from friends or neighbours. So, if your home is under-construction or if you are planning to buy a new home, try out something unusual yet trendy. To make your life simpler, here is a list of some ideas that will give a stunning look to your new home.

  • Balcony pool: Imagine enjoying a bright sunny day at a balcony pool with a glass of wine! Sounds interesting? If yes, go for it even if your pocket allows.
  • Backyard cinema: Are you a movie buff? If yes, this can be a perfect and unusual idea for you. Set up a mini theater in your backyard and enjoy time with your family.



  • Private pub: Sounds good, right? Of course, it does. There are times when you want to party with your friends but do not feel like going out! A private pub will help you in such a scenario. Further, it will make your home look exotic.
  • Concave Living Room:


  • If you are thinking of giving a different look to your living room, then leave regular shapes. Plan a concave living room that will make your living area look unique and beautiful.
  • Hideaway parking spot: This is a utility idea to have a hideaway parking spot that leads to your underground garage and bunker.
  • Underfloor wine cellar can be little expensive but it looks fantastic. The frameless glass door that does not extend into the floor but has an internal hinge will do the perfect work.


4 Home Buying Tips for Beginners

Since time immemorial investing in real estate has been a great value proposition for many Indians. And why won’t it be! After all, it is a lucrative investment option. So, if you too have decided to take the plunge in the market and searching Flat-Apartment for sale in Bangalore, here are a few tips that will help you take an informed decision.

Research is the Core!

Before entering any market, adequate research is of prime importance. Try to read about recent regulations and policy changes in the real estate market along with latest trends that are defining the market conditions.  Also, look for factors for growth such as connectivity and present infrastructure in the locality you are interested in. Further, make sure to study the past growth trends in terms of property prices.

Study the Locality deeply

 If you are planning to invest in an apartment, try to research and find out how have investors who have invested in the same locality fared. Also, check if there are any infrastructure projects in the pipeline as it can be a huge game changer for the area you are investing in and can fetch you healthy returns in the future.

 Take Small Steps

Despite all the research, are you still sceptical about making an investment? Worry now! Just start with a small investment. To begin with, invest in an affordable property and or invest in a plotted development. Analyse the returns over a period of time to see if you want to continue or not.

Take the Plunge when confident!

Once you are confident about your decision and the market, take the plunge. Use the returns made from your smaller investments can be used as capital for your next and big investment.

Points to Remember:

  • Be prudent in selecting the property for your first real estate investment. Investing in an affordable property or a plot is a good option.
  • Developer’s background, credibility and his past projects should be checked thoroughly.
  • Make a list of important documents that you should collect from the developer during buying process.
  • Keep a tap on the market and make a move at the right time.
  • Lastly, since it is your first investment, do get all the documents checked by a lawyer to avoid any unwanted trouble in the future.

Places To Visit When You Crave Authentic Kannada Cuisine!

It’s ironic, that being the business epicentre of Karnataka, it’s very difficult to find restaurants that serve authentic Kannada cuisine in Bangalore. And even if you are fortune enough to find that one “authentic” one, you’ll find out that the tag is rather exaggerated.

But, the fact is that, be it small or big, underrated or well-known, there are few restaurants in Bangalore where you can enjoy some original recipes born in Karnataka’s past. You can also look out for apartments for sale in Bangalore if you are someone who loves the authentic Kannada cuisines.

  • Shree Venkateshwara North Karnataka Hotel

As the names suggest, this place is well known for serving authentic North Karnataka cuisines. The snacks served here are very popular among the patrons. The one highlight of Shree Venkateshwara North Karnataka Hotel is that it is easy in the pocket.


Having said that, a point to be added here is, it is not the best Kannada fare that you can find in a city like Bangalore but having a meal here on regular basis more or less serves the purpose.

Cost for two: Rs. 200 (approx)

Address: 1/21, Vijaylaxmi Towers, 32 Cross, 10th Main, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore.

  • Halli Mane

This amazing restaurant in Mumbai in Malleshwaram is one place which does take their cuisines seriously.


This place caters exclusively to those who want to taste the authentic Kannada food, you will find recipes that came right from agrarian Karnataka here. Also, the delicacies here are served in the traditional format, on a banana leaf, completing the authentic experience for all their customers.

Cost For Two: Rs. 200 (approx)

Address: 14,3rd Cross,Sampige Road, Malleswaram, Bengaluru.

  • Malwani Tiffin Room

You might feel a little disappointed with the limited number of dishes served at MTR during the breakfast, though the taste and the freshly cooked quality of cuisine compensate for that.


But, for lunch, you get to taste some lip-smacking traditional curries, the kind of which is rarely prepared with such deftness. Malwani Tiffin Room also has an outlet in Whitefield, but the one near LalBagh is undoubtedly the better one.

Cost For Two: Rs. 250 (approx)

Address: 14, Lalbagh Road, Mavalli, Near Basavanagudi, Bangalore.

  • Shivaji Military Hotel

Military Hotel is well known especially for serving yummy food, especially with meat in it. This hotel is the best of the lot in Bangalore. Shivaji Military Hotel is not vast and gets crowded easily, and no, you cannot make a reservation here. But the variety of dishes they serve using chicken, lamb, and mutton, are worth the wait!

Cost For Two: Rs. 300 (approx)

Address: 780, 1st C Main, 45th Cross, 8th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore.

  • Vidyarthi Bhavan

Established in 1943, this restaurant has become one of the known and loved vegetarian eateries in the garden city. Though this restaurant is not limited to the Kannadiga cuisine, the food of Karnataka that they serve are definitely something to be written upon.

Cost For Two: Rs. 150 (approx)

Address: No-32, Gandhi Bazar Main Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore.

Public Transportation in Bangalore

Though Bangalore public transportation has been famous for its profit making financial model, an anonymous user survey has revealed high dissatisfaction of the service to the public in terms of routes and time schedule followed by these services. Because of Public Transport in Bangalore there is raise in cost of property in Bangalore.

BMTC Bus Network


BMTC offers a variety of bus services along with air-conditioned buses, special airport services, free services from central bus station to railway station, concessions on fares for daily and monthly regular commuters, etc.

Red Buses: These buses belong to a new batch of ordinaries that had arrived in the city with Euro IV emission norms, with majority of them having red and some having a light blue colour.

Suvarna: These buses are silver coloured along with a red lining. Many of these buses are being repainted into white and blue colour or being converted to Big Circle/Small Circle buses/Metro Feeder services.

BIG 10: These are Suvarna class of buses branded in green & bottle green colours along the 12 major corridors coming inward from surrounding suburbs in the city.

Vajra: Hi-tech buses with LED destination boards with routes planned according to major IT companies’ locations and various residential routes with slightly higher fares – ranging from 1.5 to 3 times that of ordinary ones depending on the route.

Vayu Vajra: Luxurious buses headed towards airport and operated on about 12 routes along with free Wi-Fi access.


Metro Feeder Buses, BIG Circle and Pushpak are few other buses that ply regularly on Bangalore roads.

Having trial-launched India’s first electric bus on February 2014, BMTC board, after much delaying the proposal to procure electric buses due to high-cost, finally gave its in-principle clearance to induct 150 electric buses. With this, Bengaluru will be the first city in India to launch city bus transport operations using a large fleet of electric buses.

Namma Metro


Bangalore Metro has just turned five successfully with the first service flagged off between M.G. Road and Byappanahalli on October 20, 2011.

Further Phase I of Namma Metro is being extended at all the four tail-ends. From Byappanahalli end it is being extended to International Tech Park, Whitefield; from Mysore Road Station to Kengeri; from Hesarghatta Road Station to BIEC Junction and from Puttenahalli Cross Station to Anjanapura. Thus, if you are planning to invest in an apartment for sale in Bangalore, consider areas falling along the metro corridor to garner healthy returns on investment.

Furthermore, Phase II is more ambitious that plans to cover about 72 km extending upto Gottigere in South along with a new corridor taking off from RV Road to Bommasandra.


Simple Tips for discovering your ideal property

Buying your dream home or searching flats for sale in Bangalore is one of the accomplishments in everybody’s lifetime. The ideal property depends upon one’s taste and preferences of how the property should look like. To help you with this, here are some important tips that can assist you in discovering your ideal property in bangalore.

Specifications of the property

The first step in discovering your ideal property is to decide upon the type of specifications you are looking at or you require. Prepare a list of the type of property you need and then go ahead looking for them.

Neighbourhood and surrounding localities


Find a neighbourhood that suits your living style. Go around the neighbourhood and check out the surrounding localities to get a fair idea about the area.

Location and size of the property


The location of the property is one of the most important factor to be considered while buying your ideal property. Check the proximity to your workplace, super markets, shopping malls, hospitals etc. The size of the property is another aspect upon which you should not compromise. Do not hesitate to walk away from a property if it does not meet your requirements

Age of the property

Both older properties and newer properties have their pros and cons. Thus, before signing upon the sale deeds, be sure of what you need. If you are fond of or fascinated towards living in old home with irreplaceable charm, then go for it. Do not forget to inspect the interiors of the property for any wall cracks, leakage issues, etc. Checking legal documents thoroughly goes without saying!

Check the potential of the property

Opt for a property that can get you higher returns in case you wish to sell the property in the future. Study the past growth trends and look for upcoming infrastructure projects in and around the property.

Choose the Home Loan carefully

In case you are planning to take a home loan, then choose the banks that offer better EMI options and low processing fees. Keep in mind your future expenses and calculate how much EMIs you can afford.


Unknown Facts about Bangalore!

Do you live in Bangalore? Love Bangalore? And also feel that there is no other place in India where you would rather be! But let me ask you a question, are you sure that you know in and out about this fabulous Bangalore you are in love with?

It is quiet easy to say that Bengaluru is the third largest city and fifth largest metropolitan in the country, and that everyone is inspired by the pleasant climate and beauty of the city, well these are all known facts. Bangalore is much more to what meets the eyes. Below mentioned are some wonderful facts about this IT Hub, check it out to know how much you know about the same!

  • Elevation

Ever wondered why Bangalore city enjoys a pleasant climate all throughout the year? Ok, we have answer to this, it is because Bangalore is situated at the height of over 3,000 feet which is 914.4 m above the seas level. Adding more to this, Bangalore is situated even above Dehradhun which is 630 m above the sea level. Now you know why your beloved city enjoys a pleasant climate any time of the year.

  • Electricity

Bangalore was one of the first cities in India, who got electricity from hydro power plant in 1906. This hydro power was powered by the hydroelectric plant situated in Shivanasamudra. The honored recipient of this first hydro power electricity was the building in City Market, Bangalore.

  • Silicon Valley

Well, we all are aware of the fact that Bangalore is called as the Silicon valley of India. But the unknown fact here is that the city is home to 212 software companies! And that is exactly why Bangalore is known as the silicon valley.

  • Lakes


Bangalore city could boasts of highest number of lakes earlier, which were somewhere around 200 lakes and tanks, but the saddening fact is that most of them are untraceable now due to land encroachment and are now replaced by golf courses, bus stands, residential colonies and playgrounds. Also, one can say that this city accounts for the highest number of erased lakes from the map.

  • Engineers

You might have heard about raining cats and dogs, but in Bangalore city, it is raining Engineers. Bangalore boasts the highest percentage of Engineers in the World! Yes, you read it right. With more than a million of of IT professionals migrating to Bangalore in search of Job, the demand for apartments for sale in Bangalore and flats for sale in Bangalore is quite high.

  • Engineering Colleges

You might be wondering, why raining Engineers? And where do they come from? Bangalore is home to 21 Engineering colleges which is the highest given in any city in India. Adding more to this, Bangalore University also has 57 Engineering Colleges affiliated to it, which itself is a record again!

  • Neat and Clean


If you are recently migrating to this city after buying a flat for sale in Bangalore, then do think twice before disposing those empty chips packet on the roads of Bangalore. This place is so far considered as one of the cleanest metropolitan cities in India, so let’s keep it that way.

  • Foreign Connection

Except for the gulf regions, This city is also known for sending highest number of IT professionals abroad, especially to USA!


What should I absolutely not do when visiting Bangalore!

Bangalore, also known as the Garden City or the Silicon Valley of India, is a capital city of Karnataka. Be it the strong presence of IT/ITeS establishments or the rich culture and heritage, the city is popular for multiple reasons. So, whether you are planning your first visit to Bangalore or are planning to buy an apartment in the city, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind.

Here’s a list of things that you absolutely should not do when visiting this beautiful southern city.

Boarding Autos without Meter


Autos are one of the most common mode of public transportation in the city. However, there is a good percentage of chance for you to get cheated if you are not familiar with the routes. Thus, even if you are going by the meter, it is advisable to open map on your phone for shortest and safest directions. These days, autos can also be booked via few apps like Ola, which is a better option. You can also use cab services like uber, womens cab, etc for your travel.

Leaving at the last minute

Bangalore is known for its traffic. Be it anytime of the day, there are certain junctions and roads that have slow-moving traffic throughout the day. Thus, leaving at the last minute for your work can land you in trouble. Thus, it is always advised to leave a little early to avoid traffic snarls.

Not Respecting Local Culture

Who doesn’t love their culture? Well, Bangaloreans love it a little extra. The language that is widely spoken in the city is Kannada. While you may not be familiar with the language, do not make fun of it. Respect local language, culture, food, and traditions. This will take you a long way in your trip to Bangalore.

Jumping into Rivers/Lakes

There are certain lakes in the outskirts of the city where you will see lot of localities/kids swimming. But it not advisable as the water is very rough. These lakes are also full of sharp rocks which can be harmful.   

Not Carrying an Umbrella


If you are visiting Bangalore during rainy season, carrying an umbrella or a rain coat is a mandate. It can rain anytime, anywhere in the city without even basic signs of rain. Thus, be safe and be prepared!