3 Rags To Riches Stories Of Bangalore

Here are some of the Rags-to-Riches stories of Bangalore, which can inspire you to become successful and earn millions and millions, without necessarily having all the advantages in life.

Arcot Narrainsawmy Mudaliar

Arcot Narrainsawmy Mudaliar (14 May 1827 – 9 February 1910) was a vegetable seller who turned into one of the richest man in Bangalore by supervising the construction of Bangalore’s Attara Kacheri as a contractor.


He then set up a firm by name ‘Bangalore Agency’ on South Parade (which is now the MG Road- a prominent real estate destination). The firm dealt with livestock, real estate, auctioneering and valuation. He donated money to several educational, social and religious institutions.

Today, there are about fifteen educational institutions bearing his name that are run by the RBANM’s Educational Charities. The British gave him the titles Rai Bahadur and Dharmarathnakara. He is also known as the ‘Merchant Prince of Bangalore’. The businessman was also a philanthropist.Now he has many Residential Property in Bangalore for sale.

Kullachar Nanjundachar

Kullachar Nanjundachar, popularly known as K.P. Nanjundi, is the proprietor of the famous Sri Lakshmi Gold Palace chain. Nanjundi saw the worst in his life and yet struggled to achieve greater heights in life. During his childhood, he could not afford to even buy Ragi, the cheapest food grain. After his father’s demise, his family was subjected to most vulnerable situations of poverty, starvation, humiliation, and death.

He plied an auto rickshaw during night-time to earn bread for a family of nine, which was also not sufficient. Therefore, he started small jewellery shop and started selling them to big retailers. Gradually he began to finance movies, became a leading financier for the Kannada movie industry and produced three Kannada movies.

He entered into gold trading eight years ago during the boom period in gold consumption. He now owns seven jewellery showrooms in Bangalore, Mangalore, Hubli and Belgaum, and is planning to add six more. He is also planning to invest Rs 300 crore over the next three years to construct a movie hall in Davanagere in central Karnataka and a star hotel in Mysore.

Ramesh Babu, The Barber Who Owns A Rolls Royce

Ramesh Babu, a 12 dropout who later completed diploma in Electronics from Industrial Training Institute, is a barber based in Inner Space Salon near Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore. He has overcome severe obstacles and have done odd jobs in his childhood to pursue his PU education, which he had to drop after his father’s demise.Now he owned many property in Bangalore.


He turned into a millionaire by renting out luxury cars. He started with taxi business in 2004 with Maruti Omni van and today he owns 256 luxury cars, which includes a Rolls Royce, six BMWs, nine Mercedes, a Jaguar, three Audis and many more. With his success in Bengaluru, he is planning to venture into Vijayawada as he sees a lot of potential in the city.


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