3 Places Close To Nature In Bangalore

Bangalore, often called as the ‘Garden City,’ offers a wide range of options for nature lovers. The city is considered as a gateway to rich ecosphere filled with several species of flora and fauna, thus letting you escape from the reach of technology trumpets, highway hollers and hassles of the concrete environment.

People often visit these places and enjoy nature greenery. Because of this reason new generation start investing in Property for sale in Bangalore nearby these beautiful areas. So that they can enjoy their holiday as well with work.


Below is a list of three places in and around Bangalore, which provides you with a chance to rebuild the lost ties with the Mother Nature.

Bandipur National Park

If you are looking for some exotic adventurous weekend escape from the city, then Bandipur National Park is the destination for you. This national park is located about 220 km from Bangalore in Chamararajangar district over an area of 874 sq. km. It is a part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, which is home to tigers, leopards, Indian giant squirrels, gaurs and sloth bears among the animal species and honey buzzards, Indian vultures, redheaded vultures, flower peckers and different species of eagles among the bird species.

The forested reserve is famous for the elephant safaris and jeep safaris. The safari rides are scheduled at six in the morning and four in the evening. You can visit between 6 AM to 6PM.Very nice place for wildlife experience. Bandipur is the best for investment purpose as people visit this area often to see wildlife from close. There are many resort in Bandipur. There are property for sale in Bangalore too. Live nearby this area and enjoy wildlife

BR Hills

Located at an altitude of 5,091 feet, Biligiriranga Hills abbreviated as BR Hills, is a hill range connecting the Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats. BR Hills is located 190 km from Bangalore. Biligiri Rangaswamy temple is situated on the tip of a white cliff which gives the hill its name Bili Giri. Lord Ranganatha is accompanied by his consort Ranganayaki in this temple. This region is abode to more than 800 plant species.  You can find boast several species of animals and birds and the predominant mammals are the herds of wild elephants, sambhar, chital, the shy barking deer and the rare four-horned antelope. There is a wildlife sanctuary here by name Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary.

BR Hills also provides space for adventurous activities such as trekking and rafting. The Cauvery and Kapila Rivers flowing through the hill range give you a chance for angling, fishing and coracle boat riding. The month of April receives huge number of visitors due to temple car festival.


Agumbe aka Cherrapunji of the South is known for its scenic beauty and bio-diversity. If you are fond of trekking, then this is the place for you to head to due to the presence of extremely great terrain and multitude of waterfall burst. This place is home to various rare species of medicinal plants and number of snakes including King Cobra. During monsoon season, Agumbe along with surrounding areas provide perfect locations for trekking with the scenic view of waterfalls. Some of the must visit surrounding waterfalls are Barkana Falls, Kunchikal Falls, Onake Abbi Falls, Jogigundi falls, and the Koodlu Theertha Falls.

Thus, if you a nature-lover and are planning to change city, Bangalore can be a good option. You can select from several apartments for sale and independent houses and bungalows.


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