Top 3 Pubs in Bangalore, India

Bangalore is definitely becoming a hub of pubs! With travelers and college students filling up this capital city of Karnataka, Bangalore, it is becoming one of the top city for all the party goers. From quirky little pubs to super cool cocktail bars, here are must visit pubs, where you can grab a drink and enjoy in Bangalore.

1) 13th Floor


13th floor is more than just a lounge, with their impressive array of great wine and champagne cocktails. Whether it is day or night, 13th Floor is always a hit with its mesmerizing view of the Bangalore cityscape and the elegantly changing sky view. The music played here comes straight out of an 80s compilation tape, lounge mixes and rock ballads. You also have an option to chill on the rooftop aside from the lounge, and enjoy the gorgeous view of the skyline of Bangalore. This is surely a trendy and sophisticated joint. So, if you are along among people who enjoy trendy and sophisticated joints, then you should look out for apartments for sale in Bangalore or flats for sale in Bangalore.

Cost for two: Rs. 2200 (approx)

Address: 84, Barton Centre, MG Road, Bangalore 560001.

2.Skyye Lounge


Skyye lounge is a roof top lounge that is located on the inside of UB City, and is the highest and most stunning bar in Bangalore. This place hosts various booking readings, art exhibitions, local stand-up performances, and karaoke nights that are loved by the visitors. Skyye Lounge exudes creativeness and ingenuity, with neon lights and a light up floor, the dance floor and seating both stand out, all thanks to the rainbow of colors emanating from them. If you want to create some memories, then this place is a must visit in Bangalore! Look out for apartments or flats for sale in Bangalore and enjoy this cool lounge and make unlimited memories.

Cost for two: Rs. 2500 (approx)

Address: 16th Floor, Uber Level, Canberra Block, UB City, Vittal Mallaya Road.



Opus is one of the coolest joints in Bangalore, it is simple yet classy kind of bar. This place embodies the Goan spirit of “Eat, sing, drink, dance and make merry, 7 days a week!” and was created through a common love of arts. This place almost looks like a studio, with bright colorful lights and some beautiful paintings on the walls. The meaning of Karaoke has been redefined at Opus with the insane energy and singing talent that emerges and is worth a watch with a drink in hand. If you are some one who wants to enjoy your life to the fullest then you should surely look out for apartments for sale in Bangalore, so that you can enjoy this Pub once in a week.

Cost for two: Rs. 1500 (approx)

Address: 4, 1st Main, Chakravarthy Layout, Palace Cross Road, Off Sankey Road, Bangalore.


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