Affordable Eateries in Bangalore

Affordable Eateries in Bangalore

Bangalore, a cultural hub, and economic powerhouse, is one of the fastest growing city in India. Bangalore, often referred to as the Silicon Valley of India, is full of internationally renowned entrepreneurs who have moved all the way from all corners of the globe to this metropolitan city, bringing with them a diversity that’s also culinary. Bangalore city is full of working professionals, who know what they want, even when it comes to choosing food. Also, value for money is the key and in keeping with that, here is a list of Affordable restaurants in Bangalore.

  1. Gramin, Koramangala


Gramin is a small place with a village like setting. This place is sure to bring tears of joy to someone who heartily enjoys North Indian cuisine. This place is one of the most crowded eateries in Bangalore, but trust me, the wait is worth it! They also take your order beforehand, so that you just reach your table and your food will be served in a few minutes and you can enjoy the delicious mouthwatering range of food among the very chirping crowd. There are residential projects which is offering Property for sale in Bangalore.

Cost for two: 400 Rupees (approx).

2.Shree Sagar (CTR) Malleshwaram


At any given hour, this place is always crowded. This is not because of CTR’s popularity but also because of their consistency in delivering some lip-smacking food. This is one of the best places to have some typical South Indian food in Bangalore.

Cost for two: 200 Rupees (approx).

3.Vasudev Adiga’s, Indira Nagar

Vasudev Adiga is known for serving some delicious idli-vada combination with delicious chutney and sambhar and is also very crowded during the morning hours, as most of the people come here to have their famous idli-vada combination. This place is very well known for serving the best Sambhar in that particular locality and will surely make you come back again and again.

Cost for two: 300 Rupees (approx)

If you are among the working class and are looking for some affordable eateries in Bangalore, then you should surely try the eateries mentioned above. Also, you can look out for apartments for sale in Bangalore, nearby to these location, so that you can enjoy these affordable food anytime you crave them.


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