Decoupage : A New Way To Decorate Your House

What is decoupage?

Decoupage is the craft of enriching items with paper set patterns. You pick an object of your decision, make a base utilizing paper or paint and afterward stick these set patterns onto that.

The specialty of enlivening articles with paper cut-outs is called decoupage. It is an old art, for, it came into practice as ahead of schedule as the twelfth century (said to have started from an East Siberian tomb craftsmanship).

 Be that as it may, not just has decoupage (which originates from the French word ‘decouper’, which intends to remove) figured out how to survive the invasion of innovative progressions, it is likewise an anger nowadays. It may all stable muddled, yet once you have every one of the current materials and choose the look of your item, it is moderately simple. Here are five stages to decoupage…

Step 1

Source every one of the materials: Select an item that you need to enhance. It can be a jug, adornments box or even a dish that you no more utilize. When you have chosen the article, go for the materials required. You can utilize set patterns from magazines, daily papers, books, basic and plain chestnut paper, wrapping paper and other flower designs taking into account the configuration that you are going to select.

 The main thing to do, is to stick a layer of paper onto the item picked. Try not to go for thick sheets as not just will they watch rusty, it will likewise look odd when you stick the decoupage onto them. You can settle on backdrop, as it will give a pastel look to your article. On the other hand, on the off chance that you would prefer not to utilize paper, you can even paint the surface of the item. Be that as it may, do it no less than a day or two preceding you sit to decoupage.

Step 2

Make the cut outs: Once you have chosen what pictures you need to use on the item, begin making set patterns. Guarantee you don’t cut the edges too sharp as it may look odd on the item. Along these lines, cut it conveniently.

Step 3

Set up the base and check the configuration: If you have chosen to paint the surface, you can begin putting the set patterns and checking for the right situations. In the event that you have selected backdrop, stick the backdrop flawlessly over the surface of the item, and once it dries, organize all the cut-out materials over it generally to perceive how they will cooperate. You can even cover one set pattern over the other — be as inventive as could be allowed.

Step 4

Begin sticking them: Spread the stick perfectly over the base surface of the item. At that point, glue the set patterns according to your arrangement. Utilize a paintbrush or cotton to apply the paste uniformly. Regardless of the possibility that you have set patterns that cover, stick them perfectly.

 In the event that the paste drains onto the sides, quickly wipe it with a cotton material — don’t give it a chance to dry into a hard ball, or smear the surface of the decoupage, along these lines ruining the look. Guarantee you stick every one of the set patterns accurately.

Utilize a varnish for that flawless coated completion: Once you are done adhering the set patterns to the item, permit the entire part to dry totally in the shade. Check the following day to check whether it is completely dry. At that point, apply varnish or a decoupage complete uniformly everywhere throughout the surface, and abandon it to dry again for a day.

The following day, rub a sandpaper delicately everywhere throughout the surface to evacuate blemishes, and to smoothen any unpleasant edges. You can even go for a twofold layer of varnish on the off chance that you wish to, yet guarantee that the past coat is completely dry before doing as such.

Alternate approaches to make your home lovely

Keep it vivid

The happy season requests brilliant hues. So don’t falter in playing with them! Says Farheen Rizvi, a so called master in inside outlining, “One can either go for painting their dividers or simply modifying their furniture up with some excellent brilliant hues. Be it pad covers, table tops, blinds or bed sheets, simply pick a delightful shading plan and touch up your place for a brilliant and new environment.

Make it extravagant

Blooms are the most wonderful frill and add to the excellence and fragrance.Place blossoms in plain straightforward glasses or in a vase that has been lying around. A straightforward dish with blooms coasting in it, add to the impact.

Include an imperial touch

This is the right time to draw out those wonderful pads, drapes and floor coverings from your store space to the living room.And in the event that you don’t possess any, then this is the ideal time to go and search for some. A homemaker who loves to spruce up her home, offers, “Uncover those deliberately kept costly carpets, pads and tosses from your storeroom. What preferred time over Eid to draw out those awe inspiring bit of workmanship. They will improve the look of your home.”

Draperies and floor coverings are said to give an illustrious impact to the air on the off chance that one claims the privilege pair.These will help in giving the impression of a regal way of life and the Eid dining experience would add to it.

Make it light and splendid

Lamps, lights and lights are another cool method for lighting and lighting up the place.From pixie lights to huge lights, one can utilize anything to light up the house Eden Olive Hills Hinjewadi Pune. Lamps and lights would be ideal for the main room and front room, though pixie lights would be best for the children’s rooms.


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