Technicalities You Should Know before investing in Property

Choice to buy a residential property is dependably went before by boisterous and high-voltage in-house (family) exchanges and considerations, which are then trailed by leg breaking visits to developers’ office and development destinations.

The manufacturer’s agents attempt all charming strategies to inspire you with the shiny pamphlets and utilization of extravagant specialized languages, which they can’t proclaim accurately. As a general rule, an a portion of your ‘basic leadership framework’ gets affected by these ‘goody strategies’. Along these lines, we chose to toss the ball back at the developer, next time you go for any such rough site visits ask the person/lady a couple questions in view of the undermentioned features and watch the good times.

Are the Buildings Energy Efficient and have LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification from IGBC (Indian Green Building Council)

IGBC has authorized the LEED Green Building Standard from the U.S. Green Building Council and as of now is in charge of confirming LEED-New Construction and LEED-Core and Shell structures in India.  IGBC has propelled distinctive rating projects to suit assortment of building sorts for eg. IGBC Green Homes Version 2, is the rating framework for new private structures.

Vitality effective structures are natural amicable as well as wind up slicing your vitality consumptions to the tune of 60-70%. LEED Certification or rating is similar to the Bharat Stage (BS) emanation leeway we get for our vehicles, its exclusive an issue of time when these would get to be compulsory necessities. It makes money related and in addition administrative sense to put resources into LEED agreeable activities. RMZ Millenia Park, Chennai, is India’s biggest LEED gold-evaluated Core and Shell green building.

Brilliant Cooling and Heating

This prevalently includes material, basic frameworks and advancements which are utilized to create temperature-controlled surfaces that trade heat with their encompassing surroundings through convection and radiation, which prompts vitality effective structures. The guidelines are characterized as part of ISO 11855, ISO 7730 and ASHRAE 55. Brilliant cooling produces enormous cost cuttings against the typical aerating and cooling. These advancements are being utilized as a part of Europe and USA for as far back as 15 to 20 years. Wipro and Infosys are pioneers of these advancements in India, their structures consent to the above measures.

Seismic Isolation

India on a normal falls under Seismic Zone III-IV and it is compulsory for all developers to follow the seismic controls. Some presumed manufacturers guarantee consistence with Zone V particulars. There are different advances which are actualized to accomplish this, however the most trusted is the ‘Seismic or Base Isolation’.

The innovation fundamentally includes that the gathering of basic components ought to substantially decouple a superstructure from its substructure laying on a shaking ground hence ensuring a building’s integrity. The innovation goes back to 6th century BC and was utilized as a part of Persia (now in Iran). A doctor’s facility in Bhuj and a working in IIT Guwahati are a few case of its utilization in India.

Recovered Water or Recycling Water Plant

Check if the undertaking incorporates this aspect as this again is venture forward towards green activities. Principally the sewage water is dealt with to evacuate solids and polluting influences, and utilized for in sustainable landscaping irrigation, to recharge groundwater aquifers, or notwithstanding for the flush frameworks inside the flats. The reason for these procedures is sustainability and water protection, instead of releasing the treated water to surface waters, for example, waterways and seas.

 Now and again, reused water can be utilized for stream-stream growth to profit environments and enhance feel. In the event that the task joins some extravagant arranging, water bodies and wellsprings, water reusing turns into a critical aspect, as generally after at some point, these infrastructural resources get to be non-viable. Number of state governments have characterized land regions above which it is obligatory for manufacturers to join STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) and Water Recycling.


Appears a non-issue, hold up till you get done with perusing! There are 8 Indian Standards (IS) which characterize blocks in light of value and technique for readiness (to be specific IS 1077, 3951, 3952, 1077, 13757, 12894, 2117 and 11650). For a layman like us blocks are arranged into A, B, and C sort, with A being the best and C being the most noticeably bad (eureka!).

 This grouping depends on the quality and water ingestion level of the block. One needn’t bother with advanced science to comprehend as to which block the manufacturer is well on the way to utilize. Incase water with high salt substance is utilized as a part of the assembling of blocks, be rest guaranteed that it will prompt drainage at odd spots in a building and it is difficult to follow the source, in light of the fact that there is none. The purpose behind this is straightforward, once the blocks have salt substance they act like a magnet for water and begin retaining water from the neighboring territories, which after at some point begins surfacing, prompting leakage without-source.


The brand has any kind of effect here! Giving lifts in structures which cross a limit tallness is compulsory. Notwithstanding giving straightforwardness, lifts additionally add to the Oomph! element of a skyscraper and are demonstrative of ‘grown-up toy’. Lift innovation is a quick developing field and in this way one ought to expect the most recent (like your cell phones, and LED TVs). Look at these:-

Does it utilize a ‘Lift Management System’, (programming control for every one of the lifts).

There the lifts vitality productive or ‘Green Certified’ (for eg use sensor innovation to control lights and fans).

Worked in inverter for force disappointments.

Air cut innovation for boarding, overburden markers and rapid.

Shrewd Card Access System, to limit utilization of traveler lifts just by inhabitants.

Treated Water

Check whether ‘Sand Filters’ and ‘Water Softeners’ are being introduced or not, on the grounds that else you would wind up getting hard water supply which would ruin the costly washroom fittings, regardless of the brand and of course your hair also!

You ought to know :- That the NBC (National Building Code) 2005, planned by the Bureau of Indian Standards, illuminates the directions for selection by base offices, metropolitan executives, open bodies and private agencies. It contains for the most part authoritative directions, advancement control principles and general building prerequisites, fire security necessities, stipulations on utilization of materials, auxiliary configuration and development and building and pipes administrations ASB Basava Hillview Mysore Road Bangalore.


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