Safety Measures to take in Home

Because of the developing prevalence of in-home look after seniors, it’s critical to ensure you and your cherished one know about the potential perils present in the home for seniors living alone and get ready appropriately. You can avoid falls and mishaps by rolling out improvements to perilous territories in the home with these tips.


The accompanying home security tips can keep you and your friends and family protected:

Consider a medicinal caution or a mate framework.

Keep a flame douser and smoke locator on each floor.

Never smoke when alone or in bed.

Continuously get up gradually in the wake of sitting or resting. Take as much time as is needed, and ensure you have your equalization.

Wear appropriate fitting shoes with low heels.

Utilize an accurately measured strolling help.

Expel or tack down all dissipate mats.

Expel electrical or phone lines from movement ranges.

Abstain from utilizing tricky wax on floors.

Wipe up spills expeditiously.

Abstain from remaining on stepping stools or seats.

Have durable rails for all stairs inside and outside the house, or, if important, buy a stairlift.

Utilize just non-glare 100 watt or more prominent brilliant knobs (or the fluorescent reciprocals.)

Ensure that all staircases have great lighting with switches at top and base.

Ensure that staircase steps ought to have a non-slip surface.


Leave a light on in your restroom around evening time.

Use prescribed shower helps, safely introduced on the dividers of the shower/shower slow down and on the sides of the can.

Slide verification the tub and ensure the shower mat has a non-slip base.

To stay away from singes, turn water warmer to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or beneath.

Mark icy and hot spigots unmistakably.

Use entryway bolts that can be opened from both sides.

On the off chance that conceivable, bathe just when help is accessible.


Keep floors spotless and uncluttered.

Light up work regions.

Mark “on” and “off” positions on apparatuses plainly and with brilliant hues.

Store sharp blades in a rack.

Utilize a pot with a programmed close off.

Store heavier items at midsection level.

Store perilous things separate from sustenance.

Abstain from wearing long, free apparel when cooking over the stove.

Ensure nourishment is turned consistently and check termination dates.


Survey your meds often with your specialist or drug specialist and when you take new pharmaceutical.

Ensure prescriptions are plainly named.

Perused prescription names in great light to guarantee you have the right drug and dependably take the right dosage.

Discard any old or utilized drugs.

Never acquire doctor prescribed medications from others.

Check with your specialist or drug specialist before you blend liquor and your medications.

Have prescription apportioned in an air pocket pack or advantageous allocator.

Check with your specialist or drug specialist before blending non-physician endorsed medications and doctor prescribed medications.

5 Tips for Preventing Falls

Falls are the No. 1 reason for home wounds, as indicated by the Home Safety Council. The two gatherings most at danger for falls are youngsters under age 5 and grown-ups over age 70.

Attempt these systems to avoid falls at home:

Make the restroom a no-slip zone. Install get bars and non-slip tangles or appliques in the tub or shower. Utilize a bathmat with a nonskid base and tidy up any water that sprinkles on floors immediately.

Wellbeing verification stairs. Remove mess from stairs and walkways. Stairs all around ought to have handrails, ideally on both sides. Have great lighting over stairs.

For children and toddlers, introduce equipment mounted security entryways at the top and base of stairs. Weight mounted doors are less compelling. Doors ought to have the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) Certification Seal. Never utilize accordion-style entryways.

Put a watchman on indoor lofts, arrivals, overhangs, and stair handrails if your tyke can slip between the posts. Plexiglas is a decent choice since it twists, is anything but difficult to cut, and doesn’t break.

Hurl the floor coverings. Carpets are a major stumbling peril for youthful and old individuals. At any rate, tape or attach them to the floor.

Leave a light on. Ideally, have night-lights in rooms, bathrooms, and corridors.

Make windows safe. New York City cut youngsters’ passings from window-related falls by a third subsequent to requiring window watches.

Window screens are not sufficiently solid to avoid falls. Introduce window protects with speedy discharge components (if there should arise an occurrence of flame) on upper floor windows.

Keep furniture far from windows, particularly in youngsters’ room, and dependably watch kids around windows. Follow these tips to live safely at your house  Prithivi Serenity Shahapur, Thane


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