Base or Top Floor: A better one to live

Apartment Living is something that numerous trust everybody ought to encounter, if just once. While you don’t have a portion of the extravagances that you’d appreciate in your own home (a yard, for instance), most condo have advantages of their own. These can include:

Free Water

Free Trash Services

Free On-Site Gym

Included Utilities, for example, a Refrigerator, Washer and Dryer, and so forth.

Snappier travel to Work, School, and Shopping

A few condo are even rented as “all bills paid”, which means you have no electric bill to stress over, either. Try not to rely on this, however, as it is uncommon and normally found in lower-end loft groups. Regardless, having your own particular loft can be either a positive affair or a negative one, commonly depending extraordinarily on the decisions you made (or didn’t) preceding marking the lease. Whether you’re searching for a little studio flat or a three-room townhouse, picking what floor you’ll be possessing for a long time to come is vital in making your experience a wonderful one.

In my own particular experience, hunting the web down the great and awful sides of living high or going underground raised numerous focuses to consider. The accompanying are the absolute most basic territories of worry that I found among the loft looking populace. Give it a read, look at the high points and low points (quip unintended!), and in particular of all, think months ahead.

The Electric Bill

A significant number of those setting out on their first condo enterprise appear to disregard the way that how high up you are can majorly affect your light bill. Much more are unconscious of the advantages you get six months after the fact.

Base Floor

Living on the primary floor, regardless of every potential drawback, is pivotal to numerous individuals for the accompanying reason: Cheap power. You can hope to have the least expensive light bill when you inhabit ground level, especially in the mid year. Amid the winter, in any case, your rates may spike, particularly if the loft isn’t all around protected. On a cool Spring/Autumn Day, you can spare considerably more cash by leaving the windows open when you’re home and simply giving the breeze a chance to course through.

Top Floor

Being at the top has its advantages, as well. Shockingly, less expensive power isn’t one of them. Indeed, even on a cool blustery day like the one I specified above, opening your windows won’t not benefit much when you’re living nearer to the mists. The reason, obviously, is that warmth rises. This implies your AC will need to work harder to keep you cool. Notwithstanding, this same rule will profit you in the colder months as the warmth from beneath will ascend into your flat, basically constraining the people underneath you to share the riches.


Contingent upon where you live, there are commonly more warm months than there are cool ones. This ought to be something to consider when choosing which floor you’ll live on, as the value contrasts can be extraordinary. On the off chance that you live in an atmosphere wacky zone like myself, you ought to check whether any of the accessible electric suppliers for your potential flat offer “Level Billing”, which just gauges your utilization and permits you to be generally the same sum each month.

Base Floor

For somebody who recoils at getting winded consistently, this is perfect. Moving in is a breeze (so is moving out!), shopping for food isn’t something to be feared, and you never need to put off checking your mail or taking out the garbage since you’re not in the inclination to climb each one of those stairs. This is additionally perfect with individuals with breathing issues or physical constraints.

Top Floor

By a long shot, the most noticeably bad piece of living at the top is moving. Whether you’re moving in or out, pulling every one of those things that make your home a home up or down the stairs takes a genuine toll. Also, your typical routine for shopping for food can get to be modified to fit your “higher living” (you may restrain the measure of basic needs you get at any given time in order to decrease what number of excursions up the stairs you’ll have to take). All things considered, this shouldn’t demoralize somebody not doing so good. Of course, you’ll be winded every time you make it to your front entryway, however a little practice never hurt anyone, correct?


I can’t sufficiently stretch that going up the stairs isn’t going to destroy your life in case you’re not fit as a fiddle, but rather the truth of the matter is this truly is an issue with numerous loft seekers. In the event that you totally demand keeping away from stairs (or really require it), you’re just choice is the primary floor (unless, obviously, your condo complex has lifts!)

The “Perspective”

While this is something that may appear to be trifling to those searching for a flat, it ought to be considered. Why? Whatever you see when you watch out the window isn’t prone to change. This is the same thing you’ll see each day, consistently, until your lease terminates and/or you move. Do you need a ground level view that feels more like a house? On the other hand do you incline toward the highest points of trees or the immeasurable city scape?

Base Floor

Contingent upon what it is precisely you’re searching for, this can be a hit or a miss, depending incredibly on the region and additionally which heading a large portion of the windows face. Numerous first floor occupants will probably have a perspective of the parking area (energizing, right?), however some will be sufficiently fortunate to arrive a particular unit whose windows confront a backyard or patio. Having a spot on ground level additionally implies your loft will look and feel more like an autonomous house.

Top Floor

The excellence of living at the top is that with regards to the perspective, it’s hard to turn out badly. Regardless of the possibility that you’re confronting the parking garage, it can’t be seen without strolling up to the window and looking down, isn’t that so? You may be dealt with to a lavish green perspective of trees, an unmistakable perspective of the city, or an unhindered perspective of the sky. With regards to what you’ll be taking a gander at for a considerable length of time or years to come, few will contend that what you see out of a top-floor unit quite often trumps the rest.


This comes down to inclination. Notwithstanding, in case you’re a night owl or daylight hater, your blinds may be shut more often than not, in any case. Decide on whether to live on base floor or top floor in your house Nirmal US Open Mulund West Mumbai depending on your preferences


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